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Monday, August 21, 2006

DC: The New Frontier TPB review
posted by Bahoot Studios

After reading the CRISIS stories and being filled up with all the stuff about the multi-verse, the DC universe seemed too complex; polluted with continuity restrictions and over flowing with under used characters. So, one can only imagine my relief upon reading DC: The New Frontier.

It was a simpler time, a time defined by heroes. Heroes who inspired people and gave hope to the world. This is the story Darwyn Cooke and Dave Stewart created; a world of heroes. In this world Cooke tried to follow the comicbook timeline that was set forth by the dates the comics were published, rather than being restricted by the intertwining and conflicting continuity of the characters. It was such a refreshing read to actually see the characters more fleshed out and intrinsically involved throughout the important world events.

The book successfully integrated the stories of the JSA, JLA, Challengers of the Uknown, Task Force X and the Black Hawks in one neat timeline much like what Kurt Buesik did with MARVELS. The story starts with the last adventure of LOSER Company, an elite army unit sent to rescue a missing military unit who were assigned to escort an important scientist. This rescue mission lead them to a pre-historic island were dinosaurs roamed. After the unit was reduced to one person, he finally found Colonel Flagg the last survivor of the missing military unit. Colonel Flagg left the island but Cloud the last member of LOSER Company felt duty bound to be left behind. In a heroic moment, Cloud sought to avenge his brothers’ death by jumping into the T-rex’s mouth, who killed his mates, with two hand grenades; heroes to the end. This opening defined the pace and emotion of the story it was about heroism and sacrifice.

Most DC fans might feel short changed with this book since it focused more on the less than stellar characters of DC like Challengers of the Unkown, Taks Force X, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen and Martina Manhunter but let me assure you it’s a story worth reading. Although big named characters made impressionable appearances such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman; Cooke tried his best not to be restricted to DC’s big 3. This book gave back the dignity and honor the older characters of DC deserved at the same time introduced them to new readers.

From World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War and to the Cold War, our heroes were carefully written to these events and as they unfold. This journey made an impressionable impact for as time marches forward the characters matured along with it. Questions about killing for ones country, ideological differences, racial discrimination and alienation, were the battles the characters fought and in the end they lived with the consequences of the choices they made. These events and choices highlighted the human side of the characters and not just the cardboard type hero who jumps forward without thinking twice. This writing approach to comicbook characters had always been a great way of portraying them as 3 dimensional much like Mark Millar did with Ultimates.

The illustration of Dave Stewart accurately captured the look and feel of the book. It defined the era they were in and the emotion they were struggling with. One would even notice the progression of some of the character’s costume as the timeline progressed. It is truly rare nowadays to find great creator duos that complement each other but in the spirit of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Cooke and Stewart are one of the greatest team in the industry today.

DC: The New Frontier is a book worth reading. It’s not just a tribute to the golden and silver age of comics but also an imaginative and original story meant to show the readers that heroism is not about smacking people but its about sacrifice, justice and honor.

10 out of 10

Sunday, August 20, 2006

posted by Monthly Retconn

Yo wassup guys. Just for an update, we have a new engine for our forums. Joining in is quite weird, but it's not really that complicated. Anyway, here's a Q&A on how to become a member of the forum.

Q: How do I sign-up?

A:On your top right is a "Click Here to register" sign. Click, Click here.

Q: Okay, whoa! What's this activeboard account? Sparklit? What's this s@#@ !

A:Sparklit provides services like this forum. You have to sign up with them before signing up with us. I know it sucks, but we promise you, signing in twice is worth it.

Q: I'm done signing up with Activeboards... I can't log-in to the boards?

A: Do you read? I just said it a while ago. After signing up with Activeboards, sign-up with us, using the same button you used, you know, the "Click Here to register" button?

Q: Ooooh, ok. Ladidadidada... okay, signed-up. It says, I wait for a confirmation email. How long?

A: It says 5 minutes right? Before asking anything else, also check your Bulk mail in case those anti-spam machines try to eat our users up..

Q: Ah, ok. Cool. Found the e-mail. What do I do with it?

A: Open it.

Q: Then?

A: Click the confirmation email.

Q: Then?

A: Log-in.

Q: Yey! I'm in!

A: Finally Jepster, finally.

And as for the forum link, here it is:
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