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Friday, August 04, 2006

posted by Bahoot Studios

I recently downloaded and viewed the Aquaman Pilot Episode and I’m glad to say that it was a dignified rendition of the King of Atlantis but with a television budget. It’s such a relief that they made Arthur/Aquaman/Orin a decent character despite what most people, including me, believe him to be; a lame character. But I can’t help but think it could have been 100 times better if it was Namor. Bwhaha, I know they might look and feel the same but Namor has more depth and history (obviously a Marvel fan).

The show, much like Smallville explores the journey of a young man to being a hero. But despite having the same premise, the writers tried their best to distinguish each character’s journey such as AC (Arthur Curry/Aquaman) being a rebel with no defined parental guidance, except for a Yoda-like mentor played by Ving Rhames. The story also starts during AC’s middle 20’s as compared to Clark’s long drawn High School life; but other than that the show has pretty much the same things going namely the two potential love interest (love triangle anyone?) and the occasional freak show villain.

The cast was good enough in playing their roles but you would, more often than not, readily notice that this is in fact a TV show not a feature film. The effects and locale extremely helped sell the show but the action sequences on the other hand would leave you with the impression that Aquaman is a weak action hero.

Overall the pilot delivered the goods with enough cliffhangers to crave for more but realistically I doubt if the world is really in need of another young superhero TV show.

5 out of 10, it’s a decent story but it just another Smallville.

posted by Bahoot Studios

Tony Stark and Doc Strange may look alike but they are far from being the same, but on August 8 both of them would be sharing more than a face.
Ultimate Avengers 2 would be released on August 8 and along with it is a sneak peak at the new Ultimate Iron man and Dr. Strange animated movies. Both of these characters are no stranger to the realm of animation but this is certainly the first time they would be shown in a direct to video movie.
For more details go to Comicscontinuum.com
Ultimate Ironman pictures
Doctor Strange pictures

Click below to view the trailer for the ULTIMATE AVENGERS 2. Coming out on Aug 8

posted by Bahoot Studios

After the recent cancellation of both Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans animated series, DC has announced the creation of a new animated series entitled SUPERBOY and the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES. The new show would follow the story of the DC comicbook, LEGION of SUPERHEROES. The Legion is a group of teens from the future tasked to protect the Earth. In their effort to do such a task, they hatched a plan to hire the service of the greatest hero from the past, Superman. But during the time travel they unexpectedly meet Clark Kent in his teens. Having little knowledge of the past they forced him to dawn the Superman uniform and lead them in saving Earth’s future before it’s too late.

Cartoon Network has aired a TV spot of the series. Just click on the video below.

posted by Bahoot Studios

Mike Mignola is on a roll. He has two animated features coming up based on his creator own titles namely Hellboy and Screw-On Head. The Hellboy animated movie would again re-team Mignola with Guillermo Del Toro, the director of the Hellboy movie. The voice actors of the animated series would compose of the same actors that played them in the feature film. Based on the trailer released from the official site, I could honestly say that I am impressed with the quality of its animation despite not using the distinct style of Mignola.

So for Hellboy Fans who are dying to see another Hellboy movie, this animated movie would surely suffice your cravings until the next movie comes out.

Screw-On Head on the other hand, maintained a more loyal approach to the creator’s style and story. The show tells the story of Screw-On Head the bodyless top spy of Abraham Lincoln, follow him through his journey in uncovering the evil plans his arch-nemesis the evil Emperor Zombie.

The pilot episode can be view on the Sci-Fi Channel Official Website. After which you could participate with the site’s survey, hopefully this would allow the series to be aired.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pepsi + Superman = Online Comic Book
posted by jepster2006

Just heard the news that there WAS an online comic book that was tied-in with the Superman Returns film. No, it's not the adaptation, but a totally different story. So far, I've read chapter one and it looks promising. Written by one of DC Comics' current top writers Gail Simone, it looks interesting. Best of all, it looks like there will be a showdown between Lex Luthor and Supes, something most fans wanted to have in the film but never got. The art is good and simple, and totally fits the film's themes. The only problem is, Lois Lane looks like some B-movie actress who was rejected during production. But overall, it looks good. Best thing is, it's free and the comic panels are animated, with matching sound. A word of warning though, it's for Broadband users only. 56K users beware this is bandwidth eating stuff.

Click on the image below to get to the site. (look for that image on the site too, since the freakin' layout is annoyingly cluttered. That leads to the comic book.)

EDIT: Okay, I just found out that they randomly change interface everytime you visit... just look for the comic strip...

Monday, July 31, 2006

Batman Begins sequel title confirmed
posted by jepster2006

Batman-on-film.com has confirmed from Warner Bros. the title of the sequel to 2005's Batman Begins. And the title will be... (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!)


Yup, it's that simple folks. But it's quite an effective title and maybe you're asking, "so, it's called... Batman:The Dark Knight"? Nope kids. It will be just Dark Knight. It's not like the first run of the franchise where there's always a BATMAN.

Well, that's not all folks. Warner Bros. has chosen the actor for the Dark Knight's greatest nemesis. You really want to know who it is? Mouse over the image below to see who it is...

Don't recognize him? He's Heath Ledger, highly acclaimed actor of Brokeback Mountain.And no, this is no Rumor, this is confirmed by Warner Bros. and it's for good. But Christopher Nolan promises this joker to be darker than Jack Nicholson's quite campy portrayal of the character. Also, another villain is in the roster for the sequel. And it's no other than penguin. Now who would play Penguin? There's no confirmation yet, but they seem to be grooming Philip Seymour Hoffman for the job. Well, for me, that would one of the best casting ever.

Now, won't there be a catwoman? Please?

Design Updates
posted by Monthly Retconn

Wow, in one month a lot has happened and has been added to this blog. We thank hundreds of our readers for visiting our blog. We wish to improve it more and hope you visit it as often as you like. And we also hope you post some comments.

Anyway, we've added a new color to the site (yes, I know it was too blue... kinda hurts the eyes etc.) and have a monthly poll and a chatboard below. But, what I'm most proud of is the current release of.... OUR MONTHLY COMIC STRIP! (I'm noticing everything is getting the monthly treatment... -jepster)

Yup, Jepster and Jabs, our contributors have now given us their talents in writing and drawing for a decent (We hope...)cause! Jepster thought of the idea and Jabs totally digged the idea. Jabs was even generous to draw it as soon as possible even if he was told to release it during the middle of the month! But his love for you fans made him want to do it as best he can and as soon as possible! Let's give Jabs a hand!

Enjoy everyone! Don't forget to leave a message on our tag-board!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

July Monthly Recap
posted by Monthly Retconn

Hi Everyone!

As you have noticed there's something freakishly wrong with our tagboard. It seems that the server is down as of the moment. So, if there's anything you want to tell us, you can email or post a comment to this post itself.

Anyway, here's our Monthly Newspaper, now enhanced with mucho-macho interactivity. Just click on the images to find the articles related to the news. Enjoy! For more of this months news, check out our archives section on the right.

Prime Voice Casting
Civil War 3
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