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Friday, July 21, 2006

52 Week 11
posted by jepster2006

Writers: Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, and Greg Rucka
Breakdowns: Keith Giffen
Pencils: Can’t count them with my fingers.

ZZZZZZzzzzzz…. Oh wait, it’s not over? Ok, wake me up when Sue’s alive again (if she ever will be).

My problem with 52 is not just being the money hugging project ever conceptualized, it’s also quite not as interesting as it should be. When I first heard of it being weekly, I was like, “Whoa, weekly? 52 Issues? You got to be kidding me.” Anyway, enough of my ranting of what I think about 52, let’s talk about this issue.

Well, this issue was quite boring except for the fact that I can’t help staring at that scene with Kate Kane and Renee Montoya having a lover’s quarrel. Yep, you got that right, they’re both Lesbians. What? You didn’t know? Oh well, not having to read 52 regularly makes it harder for this book to understand. I think I should have bought Week 10 instead. The investigation of Montoya and Question doesn’t strike any interest in me at all. What got me interested in this book is Ralph Dibny’s own private investigation of this Cult of Conner that has desecrated his wife’s grave.

Oh wait, yeah Batwoman, we promised information about her. Well, her presence here is quite fleeting if you ask me. But her presence can be felt really well, with Montoya’s excitement of seeing someone in the “bat” costume again. Montoya’s assessment of Batwoman as compared to Batman really wanted me Bruce to come back again. That is which seems to be the problem. It’s hard to feel any interest in the character of Kate Kane aside from being Montoya’s former lover. What’s her agenda of being Gotham’s substitute hero? And why use the Bat? Why not a, um, a canary? Oh wait, that’s already taken.

Overall, The art was what quite saved this book from total annihilation. It was clean, stylistic, and very DC. Fine, Batwoman’s character wasn’t fully explored yet, Renee Montoya and Question are just in the beginning of their awesome adventure, but one thing’s for sure Ralph sure is pissed. And that’s all I needed to be satisfied with my money’s worth.

Rating: 6.8/10 (Got to admit, those set of racks sure are DISTRACTING and can change opinions in a moment, should've been 6.0...)

Uncanny X-men #476
posted by jepster2006

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Pencils: Billy Tan

“SETUP ISSUE Part 2”. That’s what I’d call this issue. Not that it’s bad, in fact the writing is very well done but the pacing is too slow. Knowing this issue continues up to 10 more issues, I wish this storyline would end with four more. The story feels decompressed but I can’t escape the fact that I still enjoyed a lot of it, especially the action scenes. It feels like watching Harry Potter 2 after Harry Potter 1. The first issue of Bru’s run was way better than this one.

Now, what was strong in the first issue of this run is now quite the downside of this issue. The faces are starting to look alike, just like those days in the 90’s where most of the characters were twins with different skin color and hairstyles. It’s still good, but I can’t help escape the feeling of awkwardness looking at Scott’s “Nightcrawler” look. Just look at Nightcrawler from issue #475 and Scott in this one. See the resemblance?

I still haven’t given up on this book and I know Bru will bring on the bacon next issue. The last page is an awesome setup for a great X-Adventure in space. Read on X-fans!

Rating: 8.6/10

Civil War #3 Review
posted by jepster2006

Written by: Mark Millar
Pencils by: Steve Mcniven

Now, that’s what you call a war. The second half of this book was worth every penny. The line is drawn and war has begun, whose side are you on? Well for me, I’m with Captain America. Yoooooo, Joe! Oops sorry, can’t help myself.

Some people may complain that this book wasn’t doing what it’s meant to do. To make sure that both sides are equal in stature and that both sides are neither good nor bad. I beg to disagree. Iron Man here is shown as a soldier, not an evil war-freak looking to rain on everyone’s parade. He’s got a point. The fighting has to stop. Why can’t they just talk first and see what Iron Man has got to say? For me, I was interested in what he wanted for everybody, but a deceitful move was made to start one of the most gruesome superhero fights I’ve ever witnessed. Stubbornness can lead you to nowhere and that’s what caused all this pandemonium.

You may be saying, “Wait, I thought you were on Cap’s side?” I am, and this is why. Iron Man’s words may sound sincere, but his actions after the “trap” made me dislike him even more. Sure, he wants the best, but if he really wants to get everyone together, why extend the fight to a point where it may no longer end. If he’s really sincere, he would’ve stopped the fight as soon as possible. This means, the reason I’m still on Cap’s side is because he’s a man of his word. When he says he’ll treat you to lunch for the good you’ve done, you bet he will. So, if he thinks you’re wrong, he’ll take what’s left of you to make you right. This makes both sides equal. Both sides are stubborn to stay on their side and stick to what they think is right. Both sides want to make a point. Why the hell won’t they put two points together make a big point out of it? Now, that’s what I want to happen.

It’s like listening to two people babbling about two contradicting opinions and repeating themselves without listening to each other. That’s the sad thing about his world. Everyone wants everything. And Civil War does just that. Show the bad side of the world through the world of the superheroes.

One of my problems with this issue is that some segments are better fitted with the tie-ins like the Emma Frost segment. I don’t see what all those talky panels had to do with what’s going on in this issue? Army Numbers? Advantage? Well, that just seems to be a filler segment to tease readers on the X-men Civil War tie-in.

My biggest problem is Spidey’s character. Just last week, I read Spidey being in a dilemma. He was shocked to know he had to hunt down the rest of the heroes, in fact he didn’t like it. Well, this issue showed a different side to Spidey. This Spidey wanted to kick some superhero “butt”. Is this the real Peter Parker? And wait, isn’t he still pissed off with what shield did to his mind in New Avengers? Now he’s like fully cooperating with them and even leading the air command? Confusion sometimes brings about disappointment. Luckily for Marvel, everything else in this issue was top-notch.
I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for some action and want to see Superheroes beat the crap out of each other. If you want something with heart and soul, Civil War has some of that too. But if you’re looking for a melodrama, look elsewhere. This book is heavy with anger and frustration. This book is about War, and as everyone believes, the effects of war isn’t all that pleasant.

I don’t want to spoil anything but the last pages just makes me want to know what happens next. Want to know what it was? Oh, all I can say is, Bright Lights, baby.

Rating: 9.4/10

Thursday, July 20, 2006

TMNT trailer now ON-LINE
posted by Bahoot Studios

The TMNT trailer is now on-line.
The trailer is awesome, as a child of the 80's, I personally believe they did a great job. This brought back alot of memories at the same time made it more serious and updated. For me this trailer truly defined the Ninja Turtles.
Ninjas and Turtles, what is not to like.

Click here to view

posted by Bahoot Studios

The Spider-man 3 website recently posted new content in their website. Its a web blog, same as what Lucas, Jackson and Singer before him, the blog would give viewers an inside view behind making the movie.

The first blog has nothing much to show other than Sam Raimi introducing the blog and some clip of Tobey Maguire and Topher Grace.

Click here to view the blog

Renaissance Trailer: AWESOME
posted by jepster2006

Renaissance Trailer
Watch the Trailer Here

You think Sin City is the living comic book movie? Well, guess what, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Critically acclaimed among film festivals, Renaissance might as well be every comic art fans dream come true. It’s animated noir at it’s finest.

Renaissance takes place in Paris, year 2054. The militia type of government is owned a corporation called Avalon. A police detective is hired to do the job of finding a scientist who may have the key to mankind’s greatest future. Of course, the detective doesn’t know crap about what’s going on, but it seems it’s pretty important to jump on the bridge for.

Renaissance may at first look like rotoscoped animation but it’s not. Nope, this is no Scanner Darkly. This film is fully CG rendered in maximum contrasts of black and white. The special thing about Renaissance is that all movements were captured via motion-capture technology. Although this may be old news, the execution is perfect. Clean cut animation at it’s finest, this may as well be the art film of the year, or better yet, the animated film of the year. I hope.

Superhero Video Games
posted by jepster2006

Summer is over and Fall in coming in faster than expected. And what happens during fall? It’s gametime! That’s right! This season of falling leaves brings on the best games yet and most especially Videogames that feature our favorite Superhero. So, let’s get on with it! Time for the men in tights to reign the Videogame World!

(XBOX360, XBOX, PS2)
Published by: EA
Developed by: EA Tiburon

Superman returns, but this time to the people’s fingertips. Loosely based on the movie of the same name, Superman Returns was supposed to be some sort of marketing material for the film. Unfortunately, the makers wanted to improver more on the game and so they preferred to release the game a little later which is this October.

So far, from the previews we’ve seen. The game looks both promising and quite disappointing. It looks promising with all the gameplay elements featured that makes you really feel like the Man of Steel. First of all, you could fly at high speeds and land hard just like Mr. Routh did when he landed on Luthor’s magical growing island. You can pick up almost anything on screen and throw at the enemy.

The disappointing elements of the game relies more on the technical aspects. So far, the game looks clunky in terms of control and the flying is well, it makes you airsick. But Spiderman felt the same way with its preview but when the game came out, the swinging was as cool as Mr. Freeze. Also, I’ve noticed quite a lot of slowdown moments which shouldn’t happen since Supes is “faster than a speeding bullet.”. Also, the animations look quite stiff, but October’s months away, so we HOPE Tiburon Studios can give the Blue Boy a Triumpant return to our fingertips.

Published by: Activision
Developed by: Raven Studios

Marvel sure was serious when they said they’d give us an epic Marvel Videogame. With an large cast of superheroes, this game seems to be the most promising of all. Based on the X-men Legends Engine, Ultimate Alliance features superheroes from the X-men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, and many more. Hell, we’ll even get to play as Elektra.

The NPC (Non-Playable Character) roster is shaping up to be great and the gameplay looks promising. Based on what we’ve seen on the previews, the game’s graphics are top notch and so are the animations and stuff. What the gameplay offers is quite unclear to us yet but from what we’ve heard so far, the ultimate ending will depend on your actions and decisions when the situation calls for it. This game is shaping up to be greater than expected and we can’t wait to play our favorite Marvel Superheroes. Can we play as Scarlet Witch? “No More Enemies…”

Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developed by: Snowblind Studios

Justice League! Yes, finally a game which features the most famous superhero team of all time! Featuring the roster from the animated series except for Hawkgirl (replaced with Zatanna), this game looks great so far and most exciting thing we’ve seen so far is the Flash. Yes, his super-speed is fully used here and you can beat up a group of enemies within at least three seconds. Looking at him go makes me feel like a kid again. Superman is well, Superman. Batman has gadgets and stuff. Green Lantern has his ring, Wonderwoman her lasso, and lastly, Zatanna has her, um… magic.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Zatanna’s character and her use in the game is essential. Imagine using her magic along with Supes powers. That would be an unstoppable team. Speaking of Teamwork, this seems to be the main focus of the game, making the perfect combination. Developed by the team behind the console ports of the Baldur’s gate series, it seems the feel of the game will be quite the same. Except for the unique Justice League abilities of course.

So far, this game looks great too, the art style and the presentation truly feels like a Justice League episode on Cartoon Network.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Staff Section now available!
posted by Monthly Retconn

Hi Everyone! As you can see our Banner has been demoralized by our staff. Which means you can now get to know them in our Staff Section! Just click the "About the Staff" link on top. Not the one on the right since that sends you to our archives of Staff Rantings.

You can check our their profiles by click on their images in the "About the Staff section".

See Ya!

The Turtles are here again
posted by Bahoot Studios

The turtles are back! Yes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are having another movie entitled TMNT. This movie would be fully CG. The teaser trailer would be attached to the movie Ant Bully showing on July 28. You could also see the trailer on Thursday at 2pm at Comic-con.

TMNT is directed by Kevin Munroe and is scheduled for a March 30, 2007 release.

Monday, July 17, 2006

What If?
posted by Bahoot Studios

Remember that Marvel comics title What If? It had stories of alternate universes which made characters either more interesting or just plain goofy. In this article I would like to present a What If version for the comic book movies. These movies were already in production but were halted for various reasons.

X-MEN 3 by Bryan Singer

No official statements were made but Singer seemed to be interested in doing an X-MEN 3 movie up until the Superman movie was offered. They even started creating a rough script for it and the rumor mill can stop in speculation the various characters Singer and his team wanted such as Gambit, White Queen and the Sentinels to name a few. One of the producers was even rumored to want Sigourney Weaver to play White Queen.

The sentinels were initially written into the X-men 2 script as part of the team of Striker. It was meant to open the doors of Cerebro in the x-mansion. Its scale was rumored to be smaller than the comicbook version and its design was more of transformer-like which was suppose to transform from a robot into a giant ball. If Singer did push through with X-men 3 we might be able see a Sentinel with the aforementioned designed.

Click here to see the Sentinel design made for X-men 2


Before Singer, McG and Ratner were attached to Superman there was Tim Burton of the Batman fame. Burton’s version was meant to be a dark and over the top rendition of Superman it was entitled Superman Lives. It had Brainaic and Doomsday in the script, Superman’s costume was not the same as in the comics or in the previous movies, and Nicholas Cage was to play Superman.

This was a highly anticipated film with Nicholas Cage even telling it to Jay Leno during his TV appearance. The movie started its pre-production phase but was halted months later no official statement were made but rumors are rampant about Tim Burton having no intention in making the movie since he had a contract that he would get paid even if he didn't make the film.
To view the production art click here

SUPERMAN by Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith was approached by Warner Bros. to do a rewrite of the Superman script they were trying to develop. This was before the time Tim Burton was slated to direct the film. The script involved characters like Brainiac, the Eradicator and Lex Luthor. Smith’s version of Luthor was more of a billionaire weapons developer and Eradicator as the Kryptonian robot aiding Superman.

You can read the script at click here

Below is a video of Kevin Smith talking about his Superman script.

SUPERMAN- McG and JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams of Alias, Lost and MI3 fame also wrote a script for Superman. It had Lex as FBI Agent and in the end finding out his Kryptonian? This movie was supposed to be directed by McG of the Charles Angles movies.

Click here to read the script


This script was circulating around Hollywood even before the Batman Begins and Superman Returns movie were made. The story involves Batman seeking revenge for the death of his wife but Superman opposes him thus fighting him to the death. Eventually they learned that the person responsible for the death of Batman’s wife was involved with a villain Superman was familiar with. They then teamed-up to fight to fight the forces of evil.

This movie was meant to be directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Poseidon, Troy, The Perfect Storm) but the production was halted when he left the project for the movie Troy.

Rumor has it that this movie could have been great but some Warner Bros executives were worried that if such a movie flopped it would be instantly killing to franchises with one stone.

Currently, Warner seems to be interested again with the project since the disappointing performance of the Superman movie. Recently, Singer the director of Superman Returns also showed approval to a Superman/Batman movie being made.

To read the script written by Andrew Kevin Walker (8mm, Se7en, Sleepy Hollow) and revised by Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code) click here

For a more detailed run down of Superman movies that might have been click here

Who wants to watch Aquaman?
posted by Bahoot Studios

It seems that this is the question most people are asking themselves when the rumors started circulating about the development of the Aquaman TV series. The character was planed to be a spin-off based on his guest appearance on the hit TV series Smallville.
As of now the pilot episode has already been shot and seems to be finished in its production but sad to say it has not been picked up by any network. The trailer was leaked through several sites but WB requested to prohibit its showing, this leakage was rumored to be a desperate attempt to get the show on air but alas it seems that it didn’t work. Currently a petition for the show is now in circulation. For more information about the show click http://www.aquamantv.com/ and for a review of the episode plot click on http://www.kryptonsite.com/aquamanreview.htm

Personally, I would like to give Aquaman the dignity he deserves. Having seen the trailer I do believe the creators behind Smallville did a great job in making Aquaman as a character with more depth and emotion.

What about comics?
posted by Bahoot Studios

Comics are for Kids

That is the typically reaction of people when they find out a person buys, collects or even reads comics. They automatically confine you in this narrow category of geekdom and the shallow minded. But the most annoying thing of all is when they assume that you know all things concerning comics.

I mean do I look like Wikipedia?

Alas, these stereotypes are not uncommon, for even I must admit that I easily put people in boxes. But the difference now is that everybody seems to be a comic book geek. Everyone believes they know all things concerning comics; it became “cool” to be a geek. This phenomenon is not new it first became evident in my generation during the early 90’s comics boom. The industry was having the time of their life, the sales where high, the collectors kept on buying and Hollywood was milking it for all its worth. Most people could easily remember this time when the Jim Lee X-Men #1 multiple covers came out. People who you would not regularly see buying comics are there and the weirdest part of it all is that they are buying the same crap no matter how much its worth. Then came the movies and other franchise, from the Batman phenomenon to the Spawn animated series, and to top it all, they even had artists reaching celebrity status.
Looking back it was a very productive era up until people started to abuse the source materials and turning the comic book industry into a whore. Now that’s harsh, but it’s true.

Today, the comic industry seems to be re-invigorated by the success of the films it had created along with its other endeavors such as video games and television series. As a fan, I am glad that the industry seems to be revitalized but I fear that when the shit comes hitting the fan again, I doubt if it could still get up and move forward and that my friend would be a sad end for comics.

Updates for July 17, 2006
posted by Monthly Retconn

Updates for July 17, 2006

Hi Everyone!
As you can see, we have added new sections on the right sidebar. We added a guestbook type Tag board where you can leave your messages right here. We also added a Category section so if you don’t like reading the news and just want to read some of the latest reviews, you can find it there. The links of the category section leads you to our del.ico.us. page where the list of updates are there. So don’t worry, you didn’t get a “Cannot find server” page because well, it kind of looks like one.

Special Thanks to www.tag-board.com for their wonderful tag-board.

Anyway, upcoming this week is Civil War #3. We’ll get to see what’s going on in the war between our favorite Marvel Superheroes. If we’re lucky we may get a copy of 52 Week 11 featuring the first appearance of Batwoman. Yup, that’s right, the famous, “Lesbat”. Let’s hope our friendly Local Comicbook Shop orders a lot of copies.

Anyway, we may be adding a new category this week as insisted by Jabs. We hope you’ll like it.

That’s all for now! CHOW!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Prestige Trailer Now Online!
posted by Monthly Retconn

The Presige Trailer Now Online!
Watch it here!

Can't wait for the Batman sequel? Christopher Nolan takes a break from the Dark Knight to make "The Prestige". The film has a great cast including the best comic book movie stars known today. The cast includes the Batman, Christian Bale, our favorite hot-tempered Wolverine, Hugh Jackman and most of all, Bruce Wayne's Loyal servant Alfred, Michael Caine. The film also stars the Top 1 "Best Breast" actress in Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson.

The trailer shows how magic can turn good friends into the greatest of rivals. Hugh Jackman takes the role of the best magician in town until his friend Christian Bale, kind of challenges him to achieving the greatest magic trick ever done. Unluckily for mister Logan, Batman succeeds in performing the most astounding magic trick ever done. Hugh Jackman's character becomes obssessed on finding out how Christian Bale did it but Michael Caine, who seems to be Hugh's counselor, believes Christian uses REAL magic. That means no tricks, but true mysticism. And that seems to be the central point of the film, Bale's true identity.

The trailer looks good so far and is very intruiging considering that fans may not care about it at all since they want their Batman as soon as possible. From the looks of it, the characters seem to look great and we'll get to see Christian Bale as some kind of villain. The performances so far are awesome and inspiring especially Hugh Jackman. The problem is that you can't help but look at Bale as Batman. However, he quite fits the part quite nicely.

The cinematography is wildly clean and wonderful. The music, effects and the sets are truly believable that you'll totally feel like you're in the times when magic tricks were the greatest form of entertainment then.

There's no definite release date yet, but it's coming this year around Fall. Expect it around from August to November, I guess. As for me, I have high hopes for this film as Nolan did a great job with Batman. Let's hope he brings magic to the silverscreen with this one too.