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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Spider-Man Unmasks: Amazing Spiderman #533 Review
posted by jepster2006

Amazing Spider-man #533 Review
Written by: JM Straczynski
Pencils Ron Garney

We finally get our issue of this “amazing” book about Spider-man’s unmasking to the whole world. This book offers more focus on Peter’s life, how his decision has affected him but most of all, how it affected the people around him.

This book definitely shows how people react to someone who has lied to them, cheated them and made them feel uncomfortable. We get to see Jameson’s decision on what to do with Peter Parker now that he knows he’s Spider-man. And that decision makes Peter’s life a lot worse than it already is with thousands of people wanting Peter either Dead or in Prison.

We also get to see guest appearances from the Fantastic Four which provides one of the most unique moments I have ever read in a Spidey book. Also the revelation of Iron Man to the public about what Spidey has to do next seems to have a great impact on Parker and all I can say is that Spidey is starting to regret what he has done. This book finally shows the large Pro-Registration roster of heroes. It seems Civil War #3 will bring on the action.

The book reveals more than enough to get the reader to continue the series more and more. The pacing of the story is excellent and never cluttered. What I love most about this book is how it connects comic book events to the real world, both positive and negative.

My main problem with the book is the Art specifically the inks. The inking seems to have only one stroke radius which makes it look sketchy and also kind of rushed. Sometimes it looks more cluttered than ever.

Overall, I can’t put the book down. The Limo Ride is one of the funniest and most awkward but realistic dialogues I have read so far. Also, we not only get to see Anti-superhero people, we get to see one big time Captain America fan that makes this really a War to remember.

Rating: 9.4/10 (Best Spidey Book this year. It won’t disappoint.)

Movie Trailer Reviews
posted by Monthly Retconn

Sigh, Summer movies are over and ended with the quite disappointing Pirates of the Carribean Sequel. Well, we won't talk about that here but instead, we talk about next year's upcoming comic book films. Spiderman 3 and the biggest surprise of all, the Transformers movie. Let's see what our contributors have to say about those teaser trailers that keep reminding us how less than great our films of this year have been...

Spiderman 3 Trailer Review
Watch it here!
Jabs says:

There goes the guy wearing red and blue and it’s not Superman.

Sam Raimi did it again, the trailer for Spider-Man 3 made people talk as in everybody. From little girls to over grown fan boys, everyone was talking as if it where Titanic 2 in a good way. The trailer started off with the similar feel as the teaser trailer from Spiderman 1 with the webs and the text but rather than making it webs they showed a close up view of the Spidey suit as it slowly gets enveloped by the black symbiote. Then it pans out to reveal the Black suit Spiderman but it’s not the same suit as in the comics. This suit was similar to the movie suit but the colors are made into black rather than red and blue. After which various clips and scenes are shown.

Making the debut of the Black suit Spiderman in the trailer was a brilliant idea I know it might sound stupid but other directors would hesitate in showing off the new suit due to the drama its suppose to present in the movie, much like the Batman Begins teaser trailer which flashed a still picture of Batman in the last few frames rather than showing the entire suit in all its glory.

As for the montage of clips shown, it delivered a very direct and non-BS look to the story. Spiderman 3 succumbs to the dark side, Harry becomes the Goblin and new villains. It was direct, simple and made people want more. They didn’t just show Spidey spinning webs or Peter Parker making out with MJ, they showed how the story would look and established the direction of the film. I mean some teaser trailers just shows off the title and fades to black, some would even just place some fancy text effect, I know it looked cool and intriguing before but its been used more than enough.

The trailer as a whole has accomplished its goal it teased the audience. It made them want more and it would seem when it does come out they have more, more than what they expected.

Jepster Says:

I have watched this trailer so many times and I still awe at the awesome effects that it shows, especially the scene where Sandman crushes a lot of things under him.

What I loved about the trailer is that they got that feel of Spidey’s struggle with his Alien Black Suit and the numbers of his enemies are increasing by the minute. It was so cool that I wish it was shown this year instead of Superman Returns (I liked that movie but no one has ever surpassed Spider-man one as the best super-hero movie ever).

My only complaint is that the black suit seems to just look like the old suit with a black and white tone to it. I still prefer the suit to be all black. Well, I guess it’s too late to change that now, isn’t it? Also, I’ve never seen Sandman to look so damn cool. Anyway, so far, so good. Can’t wait.

Transformer’s Trailer Review
Watch it here!
Jabs Says:

You know I had never though I would live the day a live action TRANSFORMERS movie would be made in my life time. I always believed that the SMURFS would be the first one to have a movie before the TRANSFORMERS but alas I was proven wrong by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.

Space ships launches. Lands on mars. Unmanned space buggy searches for life. Buggy gets bitch slapped by a robot. Pans out shows title, title transforms to release date then fades to black.

The teaser was cool in the sense that it made you feel safe that the movie would not be handled in a campy and over the top rendition (Over the top? As if talking cars isn’t over the top). But the downer in this trailer is that it did not show any Autobots or Decepticons but rather it showed a silhouette of it with no clear definition who it was. I know some fans boys are trying to decipher it right now but the film makers should have at least showed a familiar character. I was really hoping they would provide the viewers enough information who or what the Transformers. I know, I know it’s just a teaser but it should have at least had more substance. Sure it got fan boys drooling but what about the people didn’t know what Transformers are?

Give us Robots in disguise! Not some silhouette and Johnny 5!

Jepster Says:

“Michael Bay”

That’s what’s more evident in the trailer than anything else. The feel, the cinematography of the trailer is really good. But those words kind of ruined it all since it’s even more readable than the title itself.

Also, we get to see VERY LITTLE. It didn’t quite feel like a Transformers trailer at all. It felt like a bunch of stock footage, edited and altered to make a space movie trailer.

But don’t get me wrong, it got me curious, a Transformers movie? This I have to see. Wait Spielberg’s involved? Producer? I just hope we don’t get too much drama into it. And no Will Smith please…(I like Will Smith and Spielberg, but I can’t imagine Will Smith in a space movie like this.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

X-Recap and Double X-Review
posted by jepster2006

Recently on the X-men:

For the past few months, Marvel released House of M, an earth shattering event that resulted in the depowering of more than thousands or millions of mutants leaving the mutant population (excluding the X-men, I think) to a mere number of 198.

After the House of M, Marvel released a lot of titles that are involved with the effects of House of M. These titles ran under the “Decimation” line of comics mostly including short runs up to six issues maximum. One of them was X-men: Deadly Genesis. The only book I bought from the Decimation title was quite of a let down. I can describe X-men Deadly Genesis in one long complex sentence. It’s that quite simple and quite dull, if you ask me. Well here it is.

X-men Deadly Genesis is about a meteor that crashed to the earth that came with an evil being wanting revenge on Xavier revealing to be Scott Summers (Cyclops) long lost brother and the first rescue team to save the old X-men in the pages of “Giant-Size X-men” waaaaay back.

See, that’s about it. Brubaker kind of disappointed me with this book and the lackluster art truly ruins on what is supposed to be a focal point in X-history. Now on to the Reviews.

Uncanny X-men #475
Written by: Ed Brubaker
Art by: Billy Tan

Following the events of Deadly Genesis, Professor X plans to redeem himself of his sins to Scott and Vulcan, Scott’s long lost brother. He assembles a team to follow Vulcan who’s on a rage to destroy the Shi’ar Empire for killing their parents. The story seems more like a chase rather than a mission but the fact Professor X assembled a team of totally differently skilled mutants got me quite hooked on this run. The Team consists of Polaris, Havok, Warpath, Nightcrawler, and Rachel Summers, the new Marvel Girl. What the members have in common is the connection with everyone related with X-men Deadly Genesis. Warpath has a inner hatred for Xavier which contrasts with Nightcrawler’s loyalty to Charles. Havok, related to Scott and Vulcan is a no brainer as with Rachel Summers, well it seems she came along to kick butt after what Vulcan did to her head. The only one who seems to have no relation with Deadly Genesis is Polaris, but it seems she’s there for Havok in case Alex looses it.

Well, what do I think? It’s a good start but I can’t help but feel the word “SET-UP ISSUE” placed on each and every page. Not that it’s bad, it just feels like an introduction to an Animated series explaining each character’s reason to be part of the mission. Well, maybe next issue, we’ll get a little bit more story and action than this issue.

The art is awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. The motion blur effects and depth of field moments totally helps the eyes focus on what’s really happening. Other artists have that tendency to have too much lines on screen that it’s too hard to know what’s going on. Well, as for Billy Tan, I guess he did just that, but it’s whoever did the finishing touches needed to be praised. The colors are great and so are the inks. Billy Tan himself did a good job with consistency and detail. For the art, I have nothing bad to say.

All in all, I still want to see what happens next. I just hope it goes better than Deadly Genesis. Brubaker does it again.


X-MEN #188
Written by: Mike Carey
Art by: Chris Bachalo

“Are these the X-men? What the hell?!? Why are Mystique and Sabertooth fighting alongside Rogue and company? What’s going on?”

That’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you see the end-to-end cover of the “Standard” X-men Title. Well, when I heard about it, I just wanted to read it. I love moments where in when rivals fight together to destroy a common threat. I just had to read this. Well, I read it and all I can say is, nice, not bad.

My problem with this title is Rogue’s accent and the inconsistent art. While I love the dark shades and very stylistic art, it’s hard to distinguish the characters from other characters. Iceman looks like Martian Manhunter who attempted David Blaine’s ice fiasco some time ago. What’s with the pointed head? Cannonball looks like Havok with armor. Well, the best looking character is Creed aka Sabertooth. This is understandable since Bachalo has that similar style with Ramos who is handling the Wolverine title right now.

As for the writing, it was truly an exciting feat to see Rogue use her powers again in the right way, without being too reckless. And her agony after Gambit’s betrayal seems to put her on the throne of “anger queen” as of the moment. Recommending Mystique to join the team is a mystery to me and saying that it’s better that way since she could keep an eye on Mystique and, well you have to read to truly appreciate what she says next. That one line sold me with this book. My problem is that she totally lost her accent. That rowdy cowgirl accent is gone. If Carey can brink back that accent, I’m totally into this title.

What makes this book at its best is the moment Sabertooth asked for “Sanctuary”. That was made me like this book so much. His face looking evil while saying made me wonder, what does he want now? The characterizations may be off since, things change (but please bring Rogue’s accent back!) and that’s what makes this book great. Seeing a change of character with these character without destroying (But pl— oh, never mind.) their presence makes this book worthwhile.

Rating: 9.0/10 (The art kind of puts this book a little lower than Brubaker’s but still a solid read.)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Return of the Eternals
posted by jepster2006

“What would you say if I told you that you were immortal, indestructible being put her by Aliens to preserve and safeguard the earth?”

Those were quite the words Ike Harris asked the confused Mike Curry in Neil Gaiman’s new run on the Eternals. With the aide of John Romita Jr.’s awesome art, the new creative team of Marvel’s long forgotten cosmic beings brings both wonder and mystery to new readers and old fans of Jack Kirby’s run quite a long time ago.

Neil Gaiman’s current run on the Eternals revolves around the lives of these so-called beings living their daily lives without a single memory of the existence of their powers. Only one of them named Ike Harris, remembers almost everything except why most of the Eternals forgot who they were. Ike Harris approaches one of his friends when they were Eternals, Mike Curry. Mike Curry was known as Makkari, the Eternal of superhuman speed. The main plot revolves around Ike trying to convince Mike that they are supernatural beings. Mike doesn’t believe such things and thinks Ike is crazy. Of course, if a stranger tells you that you’re an immortal superhuman, won’t that sound weird to you?
Eternals also seems to be a tie-in for Civil War since one of the characters, Thena works for Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man the leader of the Pro-registration side of Marvel’s big event. Even though it may sound odd for cosmic beings to be part of a political war, it does sound interesting. Could it be that the Eternals will save the day and bring back the Marvel Superheroes together? Well, we’ll have to find out as the issues come in monthly.

Neil Gaiman’s writing never fails but at times it can be quite too tedious to understand as his writing has a more literary feel to it rather than being an exciting and thrilling mystery. However, what makes this book so good is how Neil Gaiman relates these Eternals to earth’s history, from even before the Egyptian Civilization to the present. It even gets a twist about what may have really happened to the dinosaurs. Also when reading this book, I was expecting the feel of Sandman to it. The freaky and symbolic style is not present here but that shows Neil Gaiman’s versatility in handling different kinds of material.

John Romita Jr.’s art is clean, and has that Kirby feel to it. You can feel the cosmic theme of the book with the clean pencils. Kudos goes to the colors, in bringing such vibrant images that can stick to anyone’s head. Every time the Celestials are in a panel, a sense of wonder enters my mind and I wonder where they’re really from.

The first issue may be quite subtle but once Ike starts talking about the history of Eternals, you can’t help but wonder, “what happened?”. This book is highly recommended and truly for everybody. Although the Civil War elements are present in this book, readers won’t be lost since a lot of background can be found about it just two pages without cluttering too much information.

The only sad thing about this book is it only runs for 6 issues. With just the first issue, all I can say is, I want more.
Overall Rating: 9.0/10