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Why Retcon? And… what’s with the Double N?

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Friday, July 07, 2006

posted by Monthly Retconn

Hi Everyone!

Retconner is here. You guys like the new design? Well, It's about time this blogsite got some graphics into it so here they are. It's now more attractive than ever! Special thanks goes to Thur Broeders for his wonderful templates. You can see his blog at http://thrbrtemplates.blogspot.com/ . Thanks dude!

As you can see, we have some new articles posted by our friendly contributors, Jepster and Jabs. This is just the beginning as next time, we will have more and more and MORE articles in the upcoming weeks.

As for the news about Spider-man's Unmasking, sad to say, the information we asked for is not yet available since our copy of Amazing Spider-man has long been delayed to be delivered to us. Don't worry! Once we get it, we'll review it, then either burn it if it sucks or place it in an altar if it gives us a great glimpse of what's to come for our favorite webhead superhero.

That's all for now folks! Don't forget to leave comments! And if there are any requests, questions, or hate mail, you can email us thru monthlyretconnmail@gmail.com!


TRIVIA: Did you know that the word "Jabs" is Irish Slang for the female mammary gland?
And did you know that Jepster dislikes squid so much he calls it rubberband!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Ultimates Vol. 1 Review
posted by jepster2006

My first thought of the Avengers? Boring. To me they were like government superheroes who fight too much for justice and law that they tend to forget morals. Well, that was my impression of them anyway, and I never read an Avenger book until now.

In what word can I describe the Ultimates? Not a single word. The Ultimates is what comic books are all about. Drama, Action, Comedy, and most of all, social relevance are tackled in each issue of this amazing book written by the Amazing Mark Millar and drawn by Superstar artist Bryan Hitch.

The Ultimates is part of the “Ultimate” line of books by Marvel Comics. The Ultimates is a different take on the Avengers meaning all the characters are based on the original Avengers but are altered in ways that are sometimes even better than their original counterparts.

This book has a more realistic approach on the characters meaning they are more realistic and people can relate more to these “Super” heroes. Well, Captain America as usual, is the man who fights for righteousness whether it will lead him to go against orders, or even the law. Not much has changed in his character from the original universe except for the fact that he’s more badass than Mr. goody-two-shoes. Iron Man is still a drunk and playboy but features a sleek armor that looks a hell of a lot lighter than the original armor from the original (616) universe.

Hank Pym is the hot-headed, self-centered husband of the Wasp and has a really bad case of superiority complex. The Wasp as usual, is the little fairy-like hero who can grow small at anytime. Although in this universe, she’s a mutant. As for Thor, oh yes Thor, is now a drunk activist who considers himself a god in which no one believes since this universe is based more on our world than anything else.

Lastly, the Hulk is who steals the show in this book. Bruce Banner is the lonely, geeky, and weird scientist in this book and the Hulk is what releases his stress. The Hulk in this universe is more violent than the original version since he really eats his enemies and is also a sexual pervert. Yup, you’ll hear him utter words of sex maniacs and you ought to be scared because he’s one hell of a big sex maniac.

The team is lead by Nick Fury who here is an African-American who exactly looks like Samuel L. Jackson. There are even moments in the book where they talk about who they want to play themselves like Nick Fury wants Samuel Jackson to star as him. The conversation even results to the best moment in comic book history ever.

You’ll actually get a glimpse of George Bush, Larry King and even Shannon Elizabeth in this book. There are rumors that one group of reporters in the book are Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, but of course they aren’t mentioned, but just look-alikes.

All in all, there’s no other book like the Ultimates, the main plotline may be a little simple but the way it was executed was sheer perfection. Every moment in this book is like watching Hollywood film that can beat any film, any day in box-office history. The dialogue is realistic, the situations relatable and did I mention that there’s even a domestic disturbance between two lovers?

Some may say that it may be political and may want something else for escapist entertainment, but this book is not. It’s fun, action packed and serious all at the same time.

If I was to sell all my books for some estranged reason, this is one book I will never sell. Like I said, if you want to read a real good comic book, there’s nothing else like Millar’s first run on the Ultimates. It’s the ULTIMATE comic book. Hell, it made me like the boring ol' Avengers.

posted by jepster2006


First of all, I’m not a fan of Superman, Lois Lane, or Jimmy Olsen. I dig Lex Luthor since he makes a living hell out of Superman’s life. So, when I heard about a Superman movie and knew Lex was in it, I had really mixed emotions about it.

Bryan Singer has made good to near great films, and even won an academy award for Best Screenplay for The Usual suspects. His X-men films were good and I consider his X2 to be the better among the two. The moment I heard he was going to direct Superman Returns my views became more positive. I mean what could go wrong? Kevin Spacey playing as Lex that has got be the best cast ever in comic book history ever since Alfred Molina became Doc Ock.

Months came and the first time I saw the trailer, my expectations grew and grew about the film. I was rooting for Lex every time I saw the trailer on theatres, web-ads, and even on TV spots. Months later, the movie came and the tickets (I bought two since I watched it with my girlfriend, who I may say isn’t really that much of a comic book fan) are now at the palm of my hand.

So, what did I think? I think it was near great but never really reached to the point to let me recommend this film to everyone especially die-hard comic book fans.

First of all, my first complaint is that this film has the name “Donner” attached to it. From the introductions to the placement of music, I felt like I was watching Superman 3 by Richard Donner. This film lacked that style and substance of the introduction that made X2 so cool, an action sequence that blew my hair out of the theatre.

Now, I disagree with Jabs in terms of what Brandon Routh plays better. I believe he is a better Clark Kent than he is a Superman. I mean there’s nothing wrong with his acting and all, but Routh has this natural connection to Clark Kent. Watching his interview on Jay Leno, the way he stutters, moves uncomfortably, is so Clark Kent. My problem with Routh being Superman is his body composition. It lacks that bulk and wall like presence that is evident in comic books and also in Christopher Reeve. Also, why can’t they make the costume like Batman’s? You know, those muscles etched in the costume. If he wore something like that, it would look a lot better.

As for Kate Bosworth, her performance was good as Lois Lane. Why only good you may ask? Well, her being a persistent, stubborn and pursuant reporter is very well seen in the way she moves and with the tone of her voice. The problem is, her face is too calm and to soft to be the Lois Lane we all knew in "The Adventures of Lois and Clark" which starred Teri Hatcher, who I believe, delivered the perfect Lois Lane, ever.

Now, let’s talk about Lex. If you watch the film closely and watch it more than twice, you’ll notice, Lex’s presence is nothing more than a nuisance. Throughout the film he carries out his plan and does it only towards the end of the film. And the plan seemed quite far fetched if you ask me. I mean, growing land of Kryptonite? Come on Lex, you can do better than that.

As for the kid, the so-called “Superman’s son”, I think this is one of the film’s greatest strengths. It’s hard to understand especially if you didn’t watch the first two films of Richard Donner. Anyway, the kid’s presence is one of the main focus of the film. Sure, he may be Richard White’s son, but you can’t deny the feeling that you know that he would be Superman’s son. The strongest scene for me was when Superman flew from sick-bed to see his son, which is finally revealed to him by Lois.

As for the visuals, all I can say is they’re all Top-Notch. There are instances where in you can’t distinguish whether the Superman flying closely to the camera was Routh or just a digital double. Also, that plane crash sequence, that was absolutely awesome. That scene is the scene to beat this year in terms of special effects. The only complaint I have in terms of the visuals is the confusing time setting of the film. As one of my friends asked me, “What is the timeline of the film? The buildings, cars kinda look old, but hell, the kid got a hi-res camera mobile phone!”. Well, I guess the phone says it all, but I just wish that some other sets were more “modern”.

All in all, I liked the movie as an ordinary moviegoer. As a comic book fan, well, I was quite disappointed due to the lack of fights and the very, very, very weak connection between Lex and Superman. They’re arch-enemies and all Lex ever was is a mosquito looking for a bite to kill mankind.

I give it an 8.5 out of 10. The movie made me clap along with the audience and made me look forward and actually hope for a GREAT sequel.

Runaways Vol. 1 Review
posted by jepster2006

We all had our share of Teen Superheroes. Well, even Spidey started as teen Superhero. We have the Teen Titans, The New X-men, and The Young Avengers. And now the best of them all is now here in a book we call The Runaways.

So, what comes to mind when thinking about teenagers? Hot-headed kids, kids who don’t want to listen, kids wanting to grow up real fast, and of course, kids who are coming of age. That’s what Runaways is all about, kids coming into the age of responsibility. Well, their responsibility doesn’t really mean being good in school, choosing the right friends and keeping out of danger. What’s interesting about this book is not only about how responsible they use their “powers” but also how to deal with the responsibility of dealing with their Super-villain parents. You got that right, they’re a bunch of kids whose parents are one of the oldest and deadliest Super-villains who even control the whole city they live in.

Wait, interesting is an understatement, Runaways is excellent, exciting and has one of the best dialogues ever. The amazing cast of teenage stereotypes with powers that are stranger than a can of worms bathing in soap. Well, not all of them have powers, but still, whatever their abilities are, they’re really weird. Imagine this, one of the teens’ parents’ last will and testament was to leave their daughter a dinosaur (a Raptor that is) that only responds to her telepathic and vocal patterns. Well, as weird or absurd as it may be, it’s a great instrument for those awkward and humorous scenes.

It’s not all laughs and joy with their powers. One of the Runaways has to cut her self with a blade or actually just shed blood just to reveal and use her Staff of One. Don’t worry, she heals when the staff reveals itself. For me, she is one of the most interesting characters in this book since her appearance is the most unique of them all and she is quite the rebel.

The rest of the Runaways certainly have cool powers too but I guess I already mentioned the most unique and fun of them all. Also, discovering their abilities and skills is part of the story, so I won’t spoil that for you.

All I can say is, The Runaways is the freshest idea Marvel ever had ever since Wolverine first appeared. Great story telling, amazing twists and a bunch of teenagers having fun make this book worth reading. Also, the dialogue is top-notch. Brian K. Vaughan can write anything from a perverted geeky Last Man on Earth to a group of teenagers willing to kill their parents to save the world. The best part of the book is trying to figure out who among them is truly loyal to their parents, meaning there is a traitor among the ranks.

The Runaways is a no-brainer, more fun than the Teen Titans but less Superhero than Young Avengers. Have I mentioned that majority of the Runaways are female? Yup, you got that right boys. What are you waiting for?

posted by Bahoot Studios

So that was it?

That was the feeling I got after watching the two hour epic called Superman Returns. Don’t get me wrong the movie did offered a lot of awe inspiring effects and provided a very loyal homage to the previous Donner Superman films which is where the problem lies. This Superman’s Achilles Heel is its inability to stand on its own. Forget about Kryptonite, it’s the writers and director that killed Superman.

Bryan Singer and his writers (Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris) hesitated in creating a refreshed/re-imagined version of Superman’s origin by justifying it by saying that everybody knows it already. This took them to the path of making a sequel to the original Superman movies namely Superman 1 and 2. This is where all hell broke loose. The movie was ultimately too dependent upon the stories established by the original movies which were almost more than 20 years ago and since most of the current fans are mainly oriented to Superman via the Smallville TV series, a lot of them had either gotten confused or frustrated.

Most young fans thought Lex Luthor was a rich megalomaniac who grew up with Clark in Smallville, others hoped that Lana (Clark’s sweetheart in the Smallville series) would make an appearance, while some could not even comprehend where, when and how Lois had a child with Superman. As a fan of both the Superman movies and comic book, I found no problem connecting the story and even got involuntary orgasm with every Easter egg placed in the movie but sad to say not all people are fans and geeks. Superman Returns felt too rushed and underdeveloped.

Superman Returns as a movie had great cinematic moments but not memorable ones. Most of its characters seemed to be under used and others were placed mainly for shock value or nostalgic effect. Brandon Routh had the appearance and at times the screen presence of Christopher Reeve when in tights but as his alter ego Clark he fails miserably (but more often than not you would notice it since he had a total of 10 minutes screen time as Clark). Lois Lane on the other hand played by Kate Bosworth was too much of a damsel in distress and the love triangle subplot didn’t flow too well with the movie. This was truly disappointing since she was a character whom most people expect to be more developed rather than a bystander. Kevin Spacey is an improvement as compared to the campy version of Lex Luthor by Gene Hackman but despite this difference in playing the role the character stayed annoyingly the same in terms of his goals and objectives.

The sets and special effects in the movie were astonishing and jaw dropping, it does make you believe that a man could fly. But given the budget and scale of this movie you wonder why they held back with imposing a more “super” Superman. He could have done a lot more action and showed off more of his powers. In the movie it seemed he only saved 4 or 5 people which were a downer since the character could do practically anything.

Overall the movie is 6 out of 10. As a viewer I felt that the movie could have done more but didn’t but as a fan I enjoyed it very much so if you do plan to watch Superman Returns try bringing a fan boy as a date hopefully to enlighten you through out the movie and help him have a social life.

posted by Bahoot Studios


Cyclops always the rock solid leader, Wolverine the bad boy, Beast is the brain, Colossus the loyal soldier with a heart, Kitty the guiding light and Emma Frost the bitch.

Joss Whedon, John Cassaday and his team in Astonishing X-men are doing a great job. This book so far has all the fans boys want along with the nostalgic feel of Chris Claremont’s early years. Whedon had weaved stories with such familiarity to these characters that it could easily make you smile knowing that they are finally back.

Despite this book standing alone with no interference to the earth shattering events of both House of M and Civil War it is safe to say that its better that way since it involves a story that need not be dumb down with any cross over event. This book can stand on its one and can still shine above the competition, from Ord of the Breakworld to the sadistic Danger and currently the new formed Hellfire club, Whedon’s stories tells the fans to always expect the unexpected.

In its latest issue, White Queen aka Emma Frost had shown her true colors. Yes the bitch is back and bitchier than ever. She turned Cyclops into a comatose, dried eyed stiff and led the entire team into a trap set by the New Hellfire club. This current story line “TORN” hopes to tie all the loose ends of the entire Whedon run which I think would pave way to a nice and clean exit to the current creative team and a fresh start to the new one unless they were doped again by Joe Q to signing for another year.

All Star Superman Review
posted by Bahoot Studios

All Star Superman (ASS) REVIEW

What a great and beautiful ASS the DC has.

All Star Superman is the only All Star title worth buying and reading. Although if you’re a continuity buff, I think it would be better if you try NOT to connect this title to any current or old rendition of Superman because Grant Morrison’s take is a story independent of the DC Universe’s loophole infested continuity.

This isn’t your Grandfather’s Earth 2 Superman nor is it John Byrne’s Earth 1 Superman rather its more of a mix and match between all of the Supermen creating a whole new and livelier Superman title thus giving it a fresh and unrestricted look at the first superhero. At first having to strip the story of any continuity constrain does make most readers wonder where to place this Superman and is he any different from the previous renditions of the hero but after you get over that and read the book as it is you would soon realize that this book provides a unique take on Superman and its world.

Morrison’s take on the Big Blue Boy Scout is to explore the main character through its side characters and the world he lives in, hoping to give the readers an outside perspective of who Superman is and how his world sees him. The first issue was an introduction to the characters both old and new but despite it being brief it served its purpose. The succeeding issues where based on the point of views of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. All of them were a fun read and with Frank Quitely’s high concept and detailed art this book is a great recommend for both old and new comic book readers.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hi Everyone!
posted by Monthly Retconn


Love em or hate em, comic books are a great deal of entertainment. They are also one of the most used mediums as source materials in movies today, in fact they are the best selling ones too. So, tune in to this blog every week if you're a comic book fan. And maybe every Friday for a peek in the life of a comic book geek. Since, Friday is well, comic book day for me. Especially the end of the month, since I get my monthly books at that time. Stay tuned! Anyway the news so far in the comic book world is as follows:


Spider-man has unmasked to reveal that he is the school boy teacher and regular Daily Bugle Photographer known as PETER PARKER!

Other News:

• Wolverine is on Nitro's trail, the guy who killed more than hundreds of people in the Stamford incident that caused the passing of the Superhero registration act. So far, on whose side Wolverine is on is still in question.

•In Ryker's a riot has taken place and it seems that the most dangerous of criminals are in there, ranging from the Hammerhead to Bullseye. And it seems that the blind lawyer Matt Murdock is planning an escape, with the punisher

•The one responsible for the death of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight has now been eliminated. Thanks to the New Avengers. It seems the one responsible is the same person that the X-men have encountered in their past. A mutant/alien named Xorn.

•Superman Returns earns 32 Million Dollars only on its first week. Wow, that's a lot of money! SUPER! My review coming up this week.

•Ike Harris, who considers himself an Eternal, a being of vast power and immortality, is now in the hospital being taken care of Dr. Mike Curry, who Harris believes is also an Eternal.

•In Gotham a new hero (or not) arises in the name of the Creeper. Also, the government of USA is starting up a new superhero team or quite a new roster rather of which they call, the Freedom fighters. The Former or still a JLA member, Martian Manhunter has a new look. There is a new ATOM, and the OMACs are still on the loose. Shazam has lost control of his powers and has accidentally killed um... Big Foot. And somehow, there has been rumors that the earth is being surveyed by a group of beings called... THE MONITORS.

That's all for now! Next week, more news on Peter Parker's revelation! CHOW