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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nightwing #122
posted by jepster2006

Nightwing #122
Writer: Bruce Jones
Penciller: Paco Diaz

Ah, yes. I'm going to review the
unreadable, the unbearable, the improbable and incoherable comic for the past year. Nightwing pre-crisis was already not that good, but compared to one year later, pre-crisis is Eisner quality.

Honestly, I didn't read the rest of the issues for this current arc, but I can't help myself but see what the fuss was all about. I've read books that I started in the end of the arc but still understood what happened. This book? Hell, no. But yes, I bought it out of curiosity. Contrary to what other's say, it's quite a good book, since it was so bad. Get it? It's so Bad, it's Good.

As most comic book reader's know, especially Batfans, Jason Todd, the Second Robin, came back to life due to the continuity punches Superboy Prime did before the start of Infinite Crisis. That itself was an absurd idea, but people had learned to accept it, since Jason was being treated as an ok character. That is, until now.

First of all, from what I understand after reading this book, Jason came to New York posed as another Nightwing where in Dick Grayson, the original Nightwing, investigates. They battle some villains, a chick comes in and they battle until the book ends.

What makes this book so bad is that they turned Jason into a freakin' Octopus. No, not just octopus arms, a real octopus. What's also worse is, it's got Jason's eyes and hair. It's just like your Saturday morning cartoon show. Oh, did I mention that in the end, he turns back to normal and tells Dick that he only wore the Nightwing costume just to know how it's like to be "family" again. Well, dramatic as it comes, he follows up with a "PS" saying how hot the Lady nightwing was. In the words of Dick Grayson in the book itself, all I can say is "Please, Stop."

But never fear! Take this book as a comedy, at it will be quite a fun read! Pointing out a lot of mambo jambo and crap scientific "molecules" terms, is quite fun. And firguring out who's who among the evil twins is fun too. Which means, this is the perfect "game" comic book. It's like a "Where's Waldo", but with different things to do. Things like finding out how many times the word "molecules" was said, and even finding out where the hell they are. You'll laugh at how many times the background disappears for no reason! Or better yet! Count the times the background is blank!

Nightwing #122 is the best comic-activity-book in the market right now. You can learn a thousand things and even learn the best lesson ever. This book is just that plain, absurdly,bad. Buy it at your own cost, or if you enjoy scrutinizing the life out of the book. If there was any life at all to begin with.

Rating: 1.5/10 (I gave + 1.5 for "effort" for the artist in drawing a hot chick. The rest? 'twas utter crap.)

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