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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Huge Reviews
posted by jepster2006

Hi! Sorry for the late reviews. Been quite busy lately, but here are all the reviews for this weeks comics (actually for the month), and no Mini-reviews everything will be reviewed through and through.

Justice League of America #1

Writer: Brad Meltzer

Art: Ed Benes

A book for the fans of B-list characters. Yup, if you're a fan of Black Canary, Vixen , Black Lightning and most especially Red Tornado, this is the book for you. The big three (Bats, Supes, and Wonder Woman)are in a meeting and choosing who to be part of the *Drum Roll Please* JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

As hard it is for me to admit, I'd prefer the book to loose the roll call.
The problem with the book is it looses focuse everynow and then. It felt like reading the "Countdown to Infinite Crisis". It jumps from different stories at a time. But it can't be helped since it's just a set up issue. I just hope the next time will be a lot better and focus on everyone having the same goal.

But still, this book is one the best books I've read this week. I'm still coming back for next month, because I've got to see what happens to Red Tornado.

Rating: 8.9/10 (Needs some work. I felt I was reading a sequel to identity crisis, this should be a fun book rather than a psychological thriller)

Batman #656
Writer: Grant Morisson

Art:Andy Kubert

If you like action, then this books for you. If you like the Grim and Gritty way of the bat, STAY AWAY! This book in many ways, reminds me of the good old days in comic books, the times when the heroes always trusted each other, where anti-heroes were non-existent, where women are either portrayed as Amazonian powerhouses and bitchy super villains.

Yup, this book is like a "Superman Returns" of Batman. It brings the character back to its roots, even to the Golden age.
Now, do I like it? I find it, OK. Not bad, nor great, it's just good. I like the action sequences especially the comic book paintings in the background matching with what's going on with ol' Bruce.

Everthing is good, until Talia reveals herself to Batman as the creator of Ninja Manbats.
Why? Because Talia's plan is so overdone (building an army to rule the world!), and that Birthday joke seemed, forced.

The book redeems itself through the meeting of Batman and someone you'd expect to be there. Of course, his Son. Duh, it's the title of the current arc.

Rating: 7.8/10 (It's good, but not to the point of "wow"ing everyone, especially the Grim and Gritty Batfans.)

Wolverine #45

Written by: Marc Guggenheim

Art by: Humberto Ramos

One of the books I enjoyed most this week. But that doesn't mean it's a very good book. I liked the characterization for the most part here, and the story, the dialogue(we'll get more on this later), but mostly the action.

The overly exaggerated art is no longer a problem for me since I've been reading this title regularly, but all I can say is it's not for everyone. The books pacing is like that of a action-mystery movie where in we get some dialogue, then action, dialogue, then action! You get the point.

Mostly everything ends well on Wolverine's conscience and moral issues on whether to execute Nitro or not. I loved the moment when Logan earns some respect from the King of Atlantis (not aquaman you idiot! Namor!).

So, what brings down the book? The revelation of the people who Nito was working for was totally disappointing. When I read that, I was like, WHO? The revelation seemed to aim more for the fans of whoever they are, since I had to use wiki just to find out who these wusses are. Worst part is the way Namor said it was full of campiness.

This is a good title for trades. Me? I just want to see where this all goes.

Rating: 8/10(great characterization and script, awful reveal)

Astonishing X-men #16

Writer: Joss Whedon
Artist: John Cassaday

Blue Moose



Spoilt Bed

I can't mention enough words that entertained me throughout this book. Every single page means something and it's either a laugh or an action packed sequence. A lot of mysteries are being pointed out here, but most of all, we get to see Kitty in a tanktop kicking some ass.

She's left all by herself to defeat the Hellfire club which Emma Frost is a part of right now. Whether she's really with them or not is a good question, but I'm in for the ride.

An amazing book in all aspects: awesome dialogue, awesome art, great characterizations and a book with humor that never falls flat. If you want to see Wolverine at his weakest, this is the book for you. And trust me, it's one of the funniest things you'll ever read ever in any X-book.

A great book to read, I'm glad I picked up all previous issues of this run and this one. No regrets, Whedon does it again!

Rating:9.8/10 (Not a perfect score, the art had some down moments but nothing to be worried about)

Eternals #3
Written by Neil Gaiman
Art by: John Romita Jr.

John Romita Jr. draws the best Iron Man ever. I mean it. This book features Iron Man and for once, I was actually excited to see him. The bigges jackass in the Marvel U as of now is in Eternals and kicking some major butt.

Anyway, as for the Eternals, everyone's getting to use their powers lately and Mike Curry is starting to accept who he really is and looks to someone for more information, the kid celebrity, Spike.
The action is cool and everything but somehow I'd rather see what happened at the party in realtime rather than it being told by someone in a flashback. Also, we finally get to see some real threats to the eternals and the last page features one of the quite disturbing moments in the book.

The art is at its best here and this book is more talky than the previous books. Also, there's a part of this book that relies on the morality of heroes. Are they intentionally saving people? Or are they just doing it for fame? Both questions are answered in this book and it was done in a great way. This book has the same pacing as the first book but has more action than ever.

Did I mention how cool Iron Man looks with Romita Jr.'s art?

Rating: 9.2/10 (Anyone who can make Iron Man look totally Badass deserves a reward.)

Daredevil #88

Writer: Ed Brubaker

Artist: David Aja

People, human DNA combination is now a reality. David Aja contains both genes of Michael Lark and Alex Maleev. Lark's dynamic noir style and Maleevs ultimate "dirt" art combined creates the perfect art book ever, accompanied by a great character book I've read in quite sometime.

Foggy Nelson's alive and kicking but is under a different identity due to witness protection. After knowing of Matt's escape, his worries are more for Matt than himself. The book focuses on Foggy's feelings about the whole situation and how he feels about it's relevance to his relationship with Matt and his friends.

As much as everyone wants to know why he's under protection, that's still a mystery and for those expecting on how he survived the stabbing may be quite disappointed. The book is all talk but the last action sequence proves to be the best action sequence this side of grit. Also, it's not only the FBI who's protecting him, but someone else is too. Someone very close to Matt. VERY CLOSE.

The book provides a lot of answers and questions. Why not? The next run focuses on what Matt does to find out who was behind Foggy's killing, which he doesn't know is untrue. Brubaker provides a lot of noir feel to this book and I'm liking it.

Rating: 9.1/10 (A very good book, but if you're looking for closure of the previous arc, this isn't it. Matt's troubles never ends anyway.)

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