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Thursday, August 10, 2006

DVD Review: V for Vendetta Two-Disc Deluxe Edition
posted by jepster2006

"Remember, remember the 5th of November"

Ah, yes. The phrase that a lot of people keep saying after watching a trailer of V for Vendetta before featuring their favorite movie. It really sticks to the head like snot on a sick man's nose, or like crap after you stepped on it without knowing it was there. The phrase is quite catchy that a lot of people were intruiged with what the hell was with the 5th of November. But alas, the supposed "5th of November" release date of the film was delayed until the 17th of March the next year. The movie, written by the Wachowski Brothers of the Matrix fame, delivers well but it still cannot escape some flaws that plague the "from the makers of" curse.

Anyway, let's quit talking about the Wachowski's and their obssession with slow motion. This movie wasn't at all directed by the siblings but rather one of their unit directors in the Matrix Trilogy, James McTeigue. Let's talk about the packaging of this packaged deluxe edition DVD.


The Deluxe Edition consists of a nicely done box, the standard DVD case that contains the two DVD's and lastly a sneak preview of V for Vendetta. For Filipino buyers, this is quite a really good bargain for P650 (around $10+). The standard two disc edition costs P550 or P590 (can't remember, colds gave me amnesia) which is just around 100 pesos more. For DVD collectors this is a no brainer.

My main complaint though is the box. It isn't strong or thick enough as protection for the contents. Sometimes you even have to take care of the box itself. But that's just being the nitpicker in me. Overall, the packaging is cool and an improve look from WB since the Constantine special edition was hard to pack the contents into.

The Movie

The Movie based on Alan Moore's Graphic novel of the same name is good on its own and actually, I prefer the film more than the GN. My main qualms about the book were thrown away in the movie and that was a good relief. There were a lot of changes in the film but it certainly didn't punch a whole into the film's idea at all. The hardest thing about making a movie based on a GN is convincing the fans that the film is an "adaptation" and not really an exact translation. When I watched the film on theatres I swore to watch it on DVD with subtitles since I was distracted with my thoughts about the book. Gladly, my second viewing was a hell of a lot better than the first considering that the cinema I watched was worse than the headphones I use for my cellphone.

Gladly, only a few of the sequences in the film were Matrix-esque (somebody better put that word on Webster...) contributing in making the film more intellectual than a dead-beat senseless wonder with cow-punching effects. The cast wasn't as popular as your average summer flick except for the two main characters but it still delivered more energy and wit for a comic book based film.

Sadly, people treat this film as a Sci-fi actioneer. The truth is, V is a masterful political masterpiece. I like movies like these as opposed to my boredom for novels/graphic novels of the same theme. The best thing about political thrillers are the shocks and awes in plot twists, every death having a meaning, and most of all, it's reflection to today's society in general.

V is a great film, if watched properly. Those looking for popcorn cinema will not be disappointed either. This is a fun and witty film for those people who like to make their head hurt and eyes bleed when watching films.


My main irritation from the film when I first watched it was V's voice behind the mask. The british accent is cool, but it is quite muffled and the accent really makes it harder to understand. The DVD quite improves on that matter and like I said, the film is best watched with subtitles to truly grasp the true potential of film. The sounds were crisp but the silent and soft sequences were quite a mish mash and had that feeling of being "too silent". But the quality is good especially when things go "boom" and "badadatdat" and "slashhhh".

Visual Quality

On the TV, it looked great but when I played it on thy monitor it seemed dark. Must be my settings but well, the video is crisp even in dark places (which is um, 70% of the film). The colors are well transferred from film and the explosions are a sight to behold. The skin tones are done well and the set props and background are perfectly clear and not a single scratch can be seen in sight. Nigh perfect translation from film is what I can say


Well, comparing the darn thing to LOTR:Extended Editions would be too much. The extra's are more on the idea of the film rather than the technical aspect such as stunts, effects and etc. I was expecting like how some of the shots were made but these extras were quite of a let down. And least number of spoken dialogue was well, from the most talkative character V, Hugo Weaving.


I liked it. But not loved it. It's a good price for Alan Moore fans and bashers who liked the film. The extra comic book is an added extra but if you've read the book, there's no point in buying the deluxe edition aside from the nice box. It's just a good box that contains a great film without it.

Packaging: 8/10
Film: 9/10
Overall:7.6/10 (Average)
Not a must buy, but more for big fans of the film.

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