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Monday, July 17, 2006

What If?
posted by Bahoot Studios

Remember that Marvel comics title What If? It had stories of alternate universes which made characters either more interesting or just plain goofy. In this article I would like to present a What If version for the comic book movies. These movies were already in production but were halted for various reasons.

X-MEN 3 by Bryan Singer

No official statements were made but Singer seemed to be interested in doing an X-MEN 3 movie up until the Superman movie was offered. They even started creating a rough script for it and the rumor mill can stop in speculation the various characters Singer and his team wanted such as Gambit, White Queen and the Sentinels to name a few. One of the producers was even rumored to want Sigourney Weaver to play White Queen.

The sentinels were initially written into the X-men 2 script as part of the team of Striker. It was meant to open the doors of Cerebro in the x-mansion. Its scale was rumored to be smaller than the comicbook version and its design was more of transformer-like which was suppose to transform from a robot into a giant ball. If Singer did push through with X-men 3 we might be able see a Sentinel with the aforementioned designed.

Click here to see the Sentinel design made for X-men 2


Before Singer, McG and Ratner were attached to Superman there was Tim Burton of the Batman fame. Burton’s version was meant to be a dark and over the top rendition of Superman it was entitled Superman Lives. It had Brainaic and Doomsday in the script, Superman’s costume was not the same as in the comics or in the previous movies, and Nicholas Cage was to play Superman.

This was a highly anticipated film with Nicholas Cage even telling it to Jay Leno during his TV appearance. The movie started its pre-production phase but was halted months later no official statement were made but rumors are rampant about Tim Burton having no intention in making the movie since he had a contract that he would get paid even if he didn't make the film.
To view the production art click here

SUPERMAN by Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith was approached by Warner Bros. to do a rewrite of the Superman script they were trying to develop. This was before the time Tim Burton was slated to direct the film. The script involved characters like Brainiac, the Eradicator and Lex Luthor. Smith’s version of Luthor was more of a billionaire weapons developer and Eradicator as the Kryptonian robot aiding Superman.

You can read the script at click here

Below is a video of Kevin Smith talking about his Superman script.

SUPERMAN- McG and JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams of Alias, Lost and MI3 fame also wrote a script for Superman. It had Lex as FBI Agent and in the end finding out his Kryptonian? This movie was supposed to be directed by McG of the Charles Angles movies.

Click here to read the script


This script was circulating around Hollywood even before the Batman Begins and Superman Returns movie were made. The story involves Batman seeking revenge for the death of his wife but Superman opposes him thus fighting him to the death. Eventually they learned that the person responsible for the death of Batman’s wife was involved with a villain Superman was familiar with. They then teamed-up to fight to fight the forces of evil.

This movie was meant to be directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Poseidon, Troy, The Perfect Storm) but the production was halted when he left the project for the movie Troy.

Rumor has it that this movie could have been great but some Warner Bros executives were worried that if such a movie flopped it would be instantly killing to franchises with one stone.

Currently, Warner seems to be interested again with the project since the disappointing performance of the Superman movie. Recently, Singer the director of Superman Returns also showed approval to a Superman/Batman movie being made.

To read the script written by Andrew Kevin Walker (8mm, Se7en, Sleepy Hollow) and revised by Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code) click here

For a more detailed run down of Superman movies that might have been click here

Comments on "What If?"

Blogger Chip Chief said ... (6:43 AM) : 

i have seen some of these superman disigns before and they are very strange. when i think of what could have been, i realize superman returns , though not perfect, is pretty darn good.


Blogger Chip Chief said ... (6:56 AM) : 

that kevin smith interview is classic. gotta love killer spiders and polar bears!


Blogger jepster2006 said ... (2:51 AM) : 

Yup, still laughing at it everytime I watch it.


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