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Monday, July 17, 2006

What about comics?
posted by Bahoot Studios

Comics are for Kids

That is the typically reaction of people when they find out a person buys, collects or even reads comics. They automatically confine you in this narrow category of geekdom and the shallow minded. But the most annoying thing of all is when they assume that you know all things concerning comics.

I mean do I look like Wikipedia?

Alas, these stereotypes are not uncommon, for even I must admit that I easily put people in boxes. But the difference now is that everybody seems to be a comic book geek. Everyone believes they know all things concerning comics; it became “cool” to be a geek. This phenomenon is not new it first became evident in my generation during the early 90’s comics boom. The industry was having the time of their life, the sales where high, the collectors kept on buying and Hollywood was milking it for all its worth. Most people could easily remember this time when the Jim Lee X-Men #1 multiple covers came out. People who you would not regularly see buying comics are there and the weirdest part of it all is that they are buying the same crap no matter how much its worth. Then came the movies and other franchise, from the Batman phenomenon to the Spawn animated series, and to top it all, they even had artists reaching celebrity status.
Looking back it was a very productive era up until people started to abuse the source materials and turning the comic book industry into a whore. Now that’s harsh, but it’s true.

Today, the comic industry seems to be re-invigorated by the success of the films it had created along with its other endeavors such as video games and television series. As a fan, I am glad that the industry seems to be revitalized but I fear that when the shit comes hitting the fan again, I doubt if it could still get up and move forward and that my friend would be a sad end for comics.

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