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Thursday, July 06, 2006

posted by Bahoot Studios

So that was it?

That was the feeling I got after watching the two hour epic called Superman Returns. Don’t get me wrong the movie did offered a lot of awe inspiring effects and provided a very loyal homage to the previous Donner Superman films which is where the problem lies. This Superman’s Achilles Heel is its inability to stand on its own. Forget about Kryptonite, it’s the writers and director that killed Superman.

Bryan Singer and his writers (Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris) hesitated in creating a refreshed/re-imagined version of Superman’s origin by justifying it by saying that everybody knows it already. This took them to the path of making a sequel to the original Superman movies namely Superman 1 and 2. This is where all hell broke loose. The movie was ultimately too dependent upon the stories established by the original movies which were almost more than 20 years ago and since most of the current fans are mainly oriented to Superman via the Smallville TV series, a lot of them had either gotten confused or frustrated.

Most young fans thought Lex Luthor was a rich megalomaniac who grew up with Clark in Smallville, others hoped that Lana (Clark’s sweetheart in the Smallville series) would make an appearance, while some could not even comprehend where, when and how Lois had a child with Superman. As a fan of both the Superman movies and comic book, I found no problem connecting the story and even got involuntary orgasm with every Easter egg placed in the movie but sad to say not all people are fans and geeks. Superman Returns felt too rushed and underdeveloped.

Superman Returns as a movie had great cinematic moments but not memorable ones. Most of its characters seemed to be under used and others were placed mainly for shock value or nostalgic effect. Brandon Routh had the appearance and at times the screen presence of Christopher Reeve when in tights but as his alter ego Clark he fails miserably (but more often than not you would notice it since he had a total of 10 minutes screen time as Clark). Lois Lane on the other hand played by Kate Bosworth was too much of a damsel in distress and the love triangle subplot didn’t flow too well with the movie. This was truly disappointing since she was a character whom most people expect to be more developed rather than a bystander. Kevin Spacey is an improvement as compared to the campy version of Lex Luthor by Gene Hackman but despite this difference in playing the role the character stayed annoyingly the same in terms of his goals and objectives.

The sets and special effects in the movie were astonishing and jaw dropping, it does make you believe that a man could fly. But given the budget and scale of this movie you wonder why they held back with imposing a more “super” Superman. He could have done a lot more action and showed off more of his powers. In the movie it seemed he only saved 4 or 5 people which were a downer since the character could do practically anything.

Overall the movie is 6 out of 10. As a viewer I felt that the movie could have done more but didn’t but as a fan I enjoyed it very much so if you do plan to watch Superman Returns try bringing a fan boy as a date hopefully to enlighten you through out the movie and help him have a social life.


Blogger jepster2006 said ... (6:21 PM) : 

Hahaha, nice ending pic, it's as if the movie lost superman again.


Anonymous Black Mamba said ... (10:07 AM) : 

Wow, you're weird, you say you had orgasms at some moments then you didn't quite like it? What's that supposed to mean?


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