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Thursday, July 06, 2006

posted by jepster2006


First of all, I’m not a fan of Superman, Lois Lane, or Jimmy Olsen. I dig Lex Luthor since he makes a living hell out of Superman’s life. So, when I heard about a Superman movie and knew Lex was in it, I had really mixed emotions about it.

Bryan Singer has made good to near great films, and even won an academy award for Best Screenplay for The Usual suspects. His X-men films were good and I consider his X2 to be the better among the two. The moment I heard he was going to direct Superman Returns my views became more positive. I mean what could go wrong? Kevin Spacey playing as Lex that has got be the best cast ever in comic book history ever since Alfred Molina became Doc Ock.

Months came and the first time I saw the trailer, my expectations grew and grew about the film. I was rooting for Lex every time I saw the trailer on theatres, web-ads, and even on TV spots. Months later, the movie came and the tickets (I bought two since I watched it with my girlfriend, who I may say isn’t really that much of a comic book fan) are now at the palm of my hand.

So, what did I think? I think it was near great but never really reached to the point to let me recommend this film to everyone especially die-hard comic book fans.

First of all, my first complaint is that this film has the name “Donner” attached to it. From the introductions to the placement of music, I felt like I was watching Superman 3 by Richard Donner. This film lacked that style and substance of the introduction that made X2 so cool, an action sequence that blew my hair out of the theatre.

Now, I disagree with Jabs in terms of what Brandon Routh plays better. I believe he is a better Clark Kent than he is a Superman. I mean there’s nothing wrong with his acting and all, but Routh has this natural connection to Clark Kent. Watching his interview on Jay Leno, the way he stutters, moves uncomfortably, is so Clark Kent. My problem with Routh being Superman is his body composition. It lacks that bulk and wall like presence that is evident in comic books and also in Christopher Reeve. Also, why can’t they make the costume like Batman’s? You know, those muscles etched in the costume. If he wore something like that, it would look a lot better.

As for Kate Bosworth, her performance was good as Lois Lane. Why only good you may ask? Well, her being a persistent, stubborn and pursuant reporter is very well seen in the way she moves and with the tone of her voice. The problem is, her face is too calm and to soft to be the Lois Lane we all knew in "The Adventures of Lois and Clark" which starred Teri Hatcher, who I believe, delivered the perfect Lois Lane, ever.

Now, let’s talk about Lex. If you watch the film closely and watch it more than twice, you’ll notice, Lex’s presence is nothing more than a nuisance. Throughout the film he carries out his plan and does it only towards the end of the film. And the plan seemed quite far fetched if you ask me. I mean, growing land of Kryptonite? Come on Lex, you can do better than that.

As for the kid, the so-called “Superman’s son”, I think this is one of the film’s greatest strengths. It’s hard to understand especially if you didn’t watch the first two films of Richard Donner. Anyway, the kid’s presence is one of the main focus of the film. Sure, he may be Richard White’s son, but you can’t deny the feeling that you know that he would be Superman’s son. The strongest scene for me was when Superman flew from sick-bed to see his son, which is finally revealed to him by Lois.

As for the visuals, all I can say is they’re all Top-Notch. There are instances where in you can’t distinguish whether the Superman flying closely to the camera was Routh or just a digital double. Also, that plane crash sequence, that was absolutely awesome. That scene is the scene to beat this year in terms of special effects. The only complaint I have in terms of the visuals is the confusing time setting of the film. As one of my friends asked me, “What is the timeline of the film? The buildings, cars kinda look old, but hell, the kid got a hi-res camera mobile phone!”. Well, I guess the phone says it all, but I just wish that some other sets were more “modern”.

All in all, I liked the movie as an ordinary moviegoer. As a comic book fan, well, I was quite disappointed due to the lack of fights and the very, very, very weak connection between Lex and Superman. They’re arch-enemies and all Lex ever was is a mosquito looking for a bite to kill mankind.

I give it an 8.5 out of 10. The movie made me clap along with the audience and made me look forward and actually hope for a GREAT sequel.


Blogger JABS said ... (8:30 AM) : 

8.5, that's a crime! Batman deserved an 8.5 but Supes he should get nothing greater than 6!


Blogger jepster2006 said ... (6:16 PM) : 

Oh my Gahd! It's a crime! I'm sorry aquaman! I'm just cooking fish!!!!

Batman doesn't deserve an 8.5, he deserves a 9.5!

You got more complaints Jabs?


Blogger maxxclip45 said ... (6:51 PM) : 

You're a very good critic. I think Batman is more interesting than Superman in terms of action and story. More enemy...much better.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:19 PM) : 

i agree on some points, i disagree on others...i liked it while i was watching it but i wouldnt remember it for the rest of my life. the kid was absolutely adorable, lois lane lacking that city girl kick, superman absolutely convincing, clark kent lacks screen time, the rest of the cast was good.

not an 8.5 for me. probably 7. as much as i like it oz it's soooo sentimental, that's the thing eh. it was just a lookback of the other superman movies. it didnt move past their shadows. why not creat a fresher superman? since they updated and spruced up his suit already.

i mean, coming after smallvill where they reintroduced this new side of superman, they could've done a better job by putting some twists to it. the story is ok, i mean, yeah, it was nice that we didnt have to start at the beginning, we ALL know about that. it was nice that they showed his "other" side. but throughout the movie, i was thinking if this is just one long intro to a smashing good 2nd part.

editing practically flawless, fantastic effects, same with the sounds. didnt like the opening credits, thought they could've done something better.

hmmm..over all...i guess we all agree that they better put together a spanking good sequel to this. or else...


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