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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Superhero Video Games
posted by jepster2006

Summer is over and Fall in coming in faster than expected. And what happens during fall? It’s gametime! That’s right! This season of falling leaves brings on the best games yet and most especially Videogames that feature our favorite Superhero. So, let’s get on with it! Time for the men in tights to reign the Videogame World!

(XBOX360, XBOX, PS2)
Published by: EA
Developed by: EA Tiburon

Superman returns, but this time to the people’s fingertips. Loosely based on the movie of the same name, Superman Returns was supposed to be some sort of marketing material for the film. Unfortunately, the makers wanted to improver more on the game and so they preferred to release the game a little later which is this October.

So far, from the previews we’ve seen. The game looks both promising and quite disappointing. It looks promising with all the gameplay elements featured that makes you really feel like the Man of Steel. First of all, you could fly at high speeds and land hard just like Mr. Routh did when he landed on Luthor’s magical growing island. You can pick up almost anything on screen and throw at the enemy.

The disappointing elements of the game relies more on the technical aspects. So far, the game looks clunky in terms of control and the flying is well, it makes you airsick. But Spiderman felt the same way with its preview but when the game came out, the swinging was as cool as Mr. Freeze. Also, I’ve noticed quite a lot of slowdown moments which shouldn’t happen since Supes is “faster than a speeding bullet.”. Also, the animations look quite stiff, but October’s months away, so we HOPE Tiburon Studios can give the Blue Boy a Triumpant return to our fingertips.

Published by: Activision
Developed by: Raven Studios

Marvel sure was serious when they said they’d give us an epic Marvel Videogame. With an large cast of superheroes, this game seems to be the most promising of all. Based on the X-men Legends Engine, Ultimate Alliance features superheroes from the X-men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, and many more. Hell, we’ll even get to play as Elektra.

The NPC (Non-Playable Character) roster is shaping up to be great and the gameplay looks promising. Based on what we’ve seen on the previews, the game’s graphics are top notch and so are the animations and stuff. What the gameplay offers is quite unclear to us yet but from what we’ve heard so far, the ultimate ending will depend on your actions and decisions when the situation calls for it. This game is shaping up to be greater than expected and we can’t wait to play our favorite Marvel Superheroes. Can we play as Scarlet Witch? “No More Enemies…”

Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developed by: Snowblind Studios

Justice League! Yes, finally a game which features the most famous superhero team of all time! Featuring the roster from the animated series except for Hawkgirl (replaced with Zatanna), this game looks great so far and most exciting thing we’ve seen so far is the Flash. Yes, his super-speed is fully used here and you can beat up a group of enemies within at least three seconds. Looking at him go makes me feel like a kid again. Superman is well, Superman. Batman has gadgets and stuff. Green Lantern has his ring, Wonderwoman her lasso, and lastly, Zatanna has her, um… magic.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Zatanna’s character and her use in the game is essential. Imagine using her magic along with Supes powers. That would be an unstoppable team. Speaking of Teamwork, this seems to be the main focus of the game, making the perfect combination. Developed by the team behind the console ports of the Baldur’s gate series, it seems the feel of the game will be quite the same. Except for the unique Justice League abilities of course.

So far, this game looks great too, the art style and the presentation truly feels like a Justice League episode on Cartoon Network.

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