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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Movie Trailer Reviews
posted by Monthly Retconn

Sigh, Summer movies are over and ended with the quite disappointing Pirates of the Carribean Sequel. Well, we won't talk about that here but instead, we talk about next year's upcoming comic book films. Spiderman 3 and the biggest surprise of all, the Transformers movie. Let's see what our contributors have to say about those teaser trailers that keep reminding us how less than great our films of this year have been...

Spiderman 3 Trailer Review
Watch it here!
Jabs says:

There goes the guy wearing red and blue and it’s not Superman.

Sam Raimi did it again, the trailer for Spider-Man 3 made people talk as in everybody. From little girls to over grown fan boys, everyone was talking as if it where Titanic 2 in a good way. The trailer started off with the similar feel as the teaser trailer from Spiderman 1 with the webs and the text but rather than making it webs they showed a close up view of the Spidey suit as it slowly gets enveloped by the black symbiote. Then it pans out to reveal the Black suit Spiderman but it’s not the same suit as in the comics. This suit was similar to the movie suit but the colors are made into black rather than red and blue. After which various clips and scenes are shown.

Making the debut of the Black suit Spiderman in the trailer was a brilliant idea I know it might sound stupid but other directors would hesitate in showing off the new suit due to the drama its suppose to present in the movie, much like the Batman Begins teaser trailer which flashed a still picture of Batman in the last few frames rather than showing the entire suit in all its glory.

As for the montage of clips shown, it delivered a very direct and non-BS look to the story. Spiderman 3 succumbs to the dark side, Harry becomes the Goblin and new villains. It was direct, simple and made people want more. They didn’t just show Spidey spinning webs or Peter Parker making out with MJ, they showed how the story would look and established the direction of the film. I mean some teaser trailers just shows off the title and fades to black, some would even just place some fancy text effect, I know it looked cool and intriguing before but its been used more than enough.

The trailer as a whole has accomplished its goal it teased the audience. It made them want more and it would seem when it does come out they have more, more than what they expected.

Jepster Says:

I have watched this trailer so many times and I still awe at the awesome effects that it shows, especially the scene where Sandman crushes a lot of things under him.

What I loved about the trailer is that they got that feel of Spidey’s struggle with his Alien Black Suit and the numbers of his enemies are increasing by the minute. It was so cool that I wish it was shown this year instead of Superman Returns (I liked that movie but no one has ever surpassed Spider-man one as the best super-hero movie ever).

My only complaint is that the black suit seems to just look like the old suit with a black and white tone to it. I still prefer the suit to be all black. Well, I guess it’s too late to change that now, isn’t it? Also, I’ve never seen Sandman to look so damn cool. Anyway, so far, so good. Can’t wait.

Transformer’s Trailer Review
Watch it here!
Jabs Says:

You know I had never though I would live the day a live action TRANSFORMERS movie would be made in my life time. I always believed that the SMURFS would be the first one to have a movie before the TRANSFORMERS but alas I was proven wrong by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.

Space ships launches. Lands on mars. Unmanned space buggy searches for life. Buggy gets bitch slapped by a robot. Pans out shows title, title transforms to release date then fades to black.

The teaser was cool in the sense that it made you feel safe that the movie would not be handled in a campy and over the top rendition (Over the top? As if talking cars isn’t over the top). But the downer in this trailer is that it did not show any Autobots or Decepticons but rather it showed a silhouette of it with no clear definition who it was. I know some fans boys are trying to decipher it right now but the film makers should have at least showed a familiar character. I was really hoping they would provide the viewers enough information who or what the Transformers. I know, I know it’s just a teaser but it should have at least had more substance. Sure it got fan boys drooling but what about the people didn’t know what Transformers are?

Give us Robots in disguise! Not some silhouette and Johnny 5!

Jepster Says:

“Michael Bay”

That’s what’s more evident in the trailer than anything else. The feel, the cinematography of the trailer is really good. But those words kind of ruined it all since it’s even more readable than the title itself.

Also, we get to see VERY LITTLE. It didn’t quite feel like a Transformers trailer at all. It felt like a bunch of stock footage, edited and altered to make a space movie trailer.

But don’t get me wrong, it got me curious, a Transformers movie? This I have to see. Wait Spielberg’s involved? Producer? I just hope we don’t get too much drama into it. And no Will Smith please…(I like Will Smith and Spielberg, but I can’t imagine Will Smith in a space movie like this.)

Comments on "Movie Trailer Reviews"

Blogger JABS said ... (8:02 PM) : 

Spiderman best superhero movie? It was based on Donner's Superman...here is an analogy Superman 1 long origin sotry = Spidey 1 same but with a lame costumed villian, Superman 2 lost his powers for love = Spidey 2 same thing but with better effects, Superman 3 supes battles his dark side but has a lame/corny villian = Spidey battles his dark side but with better villains and effects.

Hehehe...and i'm not a Superman die hard fan, but most film-makers admit that when they are making a superhero film they base it on Donner's Superman formula. Sam Raimi and Bryan Singer did it.

Still ....maybe because i'm old that I seem to put the Supes film in such a high regard.

Hehehe ... now how geeky is that!


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