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Friday, July 28, 2006

July Month End Reviews
posted by jepster2006

Oh yeah! That was one hell of a month to start up this blogsite! We’ve got movie trailers, movies, great comic books, and most of all the San Diego Comic-Con! We weren’t exactly able to get there (um plane ride, entrance fee, plus we don’t get paid to do this), but we were able to get some juicy info on upcoming books and movies.

Well, what do you know, it’s the end of the month. The time where we review the rest of the books released this month. I get to read and review, for free! Well, not exactly, my money’s being spent on all these books. Oh well, let’s start with the big ones!

Black Panther #18:

I wasn’t expecting this until next month. But thanks to IGN Message Boards (thank you skinky!), I was properly informed of it’s shipping date. (Marvel better fix their solicitations…) Ah, the Wedding of the um… decade! When was the last superhero wedding?

Anyway, Storm and Black Panther star in this touching and quite “controversial” pairing as to be husband and wife. It’s got mostly everything a wedding ever has. The guests, the relatives, crying parents, drunk people at the reception and of course, the magnificent wedding gown designed by people from Hollywood just for the goddess of weather.

It’s a fun book if you ask me. It’s got humor, sweetness, drama, action (in a funny way), and yes, the issues of Civil War are here. I won’t ruin it for you but the Civil War moments are full of angst. But no fear, some heroes have stopped the fighting just for the sake of a peaceful wedding.

Now, let’s chatter about the wedding. The entrances were wonderful, colorful and can burst your eyes into tears. Not because it hurts the eyes or anything. It’s because it’s so full of glee and joy that somehow anything that would stop this wedding would want me to personally get into the book and beat the crap out of the naysayer.

But the book is not without flaws. The art is sketchy on some pages but the wedding itself was fabulous (oh crap, I sound queer). The staging of panels seemed off at some parts but you won’t get that lost at all. Also, the transition between moments of seriousness and laughter feel like a TV episode. But all in all, I had fun and that’s all I expected. I’m glad it wasn’t as mushy as I expected it to be.

If you’re a fan of superhero weddings, this is a nice book to have to your collection. Some pessimists or continuity sensitive people complain a lot about it, but me, I had a lot of fun reading it. But one thing’s for sure, I’m going to get this for an ongoing title. It’s a good issue, but not as great as one would expect.

Overall Rating: 7.4/10

Daredevil #87
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Penciler: Michael Lark

Finally, the first DD arc from Brubaker ends, and it ends with a bang. This book has a lot of revelations and the identity of the false Daredevil is just at the bottom of the volcano. What makes this issue explode into greatness is the big reveal at the end. Some may have expected it but Bru (Brubaker) was kind enough not to talk anything about it. Let’s just say, you though you did, but you’re so very wrong.

The art is fantastic. What I like more about Lark than Maleev is the sense of motion. The action is felt even with the dark tones of the book. Also, the dialogue is so good, the Punisher is getting cooler at the minute. This title just shows how neutral the friendship between Matt and Frank is. Also, the reveal of who the faux DD isn’t as big, but his intentions of covering up for Matt is more mysterious and creates a bigger question for us all. “What the $*#& is going on?”

I was supposed to drop this book after this arc because I was getting interested in more titles as of now. But due to the immense nature of the ending, DD will not leave my list and Brubaker satisfies my hunger for noir like a box of chocolates.

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

Batman #655
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciler: Andy Kubert

One of the greatest creative team-ups ever joins forces to bring about an interesting old-school story to our collection. I’m a big fan of We3, and loved it so much that I wish so much that Grant would write a character I am more familiar with than his Seven Soldiers. Best of luck is, he made my dream come true. He wrote my number one character of all time, BATMAN. Yes, you heard it right, the BATMAN. The result is a love it, hate it sensation that makes you want to read more just to know where this is going.

Gotham is free of crime due to the results of “Face to Face”. Well, not 100%, but the Clown Prince of crime is thought to be dead with a shot in the face. That alone should drop the crime-rate from 50% to 8%. Bruce is now faced with the opportunity to be “himself” again, meaning it’s vacation time for the cowl and cape.

The book starts awkwardly and ends with a slight “WTF?!?” Obviously, it’s called Son of the Batman for a reason which is, Batman has a kid. Re-read Son of The Demon which I think comes out in a reprint for $5.99. For Filipino readers, I saw a copy of the old trade in National Bookstore for only P250. Still not sure if it’s there. Trust me that’s a bargain price.

I grew up with Andy’s art, reading his run on the “Standard” X-men during the 90’s. So, his stuff is cool with me. My problem with the art in this book is there’s quite a lot of pastel colors going on, but that’s me nitcpicking.

Overall, the book feels like a touch of Frank Miller and “Batman: The Animated Series” in one issue. When was the last time you read about a group of Ninja Man-bats?

Overall Rating: 9.2/10


ETERNALS #2 (GAIMAN AND ROMITA JR.): One of the most terrific reads I’ve read this month. The first few pages seemed slow, but we’re getting a lot of story here. The last few pages really sold me, especially JRJ’s art. The book is pacing up to be a great read. It’s a must Buy. Overall Rating: 9.7/10

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #534 (STRACZYNSKI AND GARNEY JR.): Still the best ongoing Spidey-book or any book with Spidey I’ve been reading so far. The art is getting to me and I’m starting to like it. But it’s Spidey’s monologue’s that keep me intact and loyal to this series. His actions in Civil War #3 were justified here in a matter of Peter’s actions towards Iron Man. And the Shield Bit with Cap was the best moment of this whole Civil War reading I’ve read so far. Overall Rating: 9.6/10

WOLVERINE #44: (GUGGENHEIM AND RAMOS): Now, that’s what I’m talking about. A bunch of setup issues result in one hell of a fight. And seeing the last page made me want to continue this series more and more. Guggenheim’s view on Wolvie’s character is spot-on. I totally dig this series. The art is getting better in quality, but I’m really having a hard time loving it. Great issue so far. Overall Rating: 9/10

X-MEN #189: (CAREY AND BACHALO): Rogue said “SUGAH”. Finally, we get her accent back a bit and the pacing of the story is picking up. Although, there are quite a lot of plots going on with this book namely, Mystique’s relationship with Rogue, Sabertooth being followed and the return of Northstar. It kind of makes my head ache, but still it’s an interesting read. I’d still like to know what’s going on. My biggest complaint with this book is the freakin’ art. Why does everyone look like teenagers? Mystique looks like Rogue’s sister for Batman’s sake. Overall Rating: 7.8/10

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