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Why Retcon? And… what’s with the Double N?

Well, retcons happen very frequently lately especially now that some comic brands rewrote the history of their universe after a major crossover event. Take for example DC, who solved most of their continuity issues with their latest effort called, Infinite Crisis. Also, most people don’t really know what’s going on with comic books right now, so everything they thought they knew about their favorite comic book character is now a retcon. Retcons can be good or bad but it really depends on the reader. We at Monthly Retconn neither support or dislike retcons. We just think that they are some things we can look back to and talk about it. The other N? oh, that’s just for kicks. You got a problem with that?

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hi Everyone!
posted by Monthly Retconn


Love em or hate em, comic books are a great deal of entertainment. They are also one of the most used mediums as source materials in movies today, in fact they are the best selling ones too. So, tune in to this blog every week if you're a comic book fan. And maybe every Friday for a peek in the life of a comic book geek. Since, Friday is well, comic book day for me. Especially the end of the month, since I get my monthly books at that time. Stay tuned! Anyway the news so far in the comic book world is as follows:


Spider-man has unmasked to reveal that he is the school boy teacher and regular Daily Bugle Photographer known as PETER PARKER!

Other News:

• Wolverine is on Nitro's trail, the guy who killed more than hundreds of people in the Stamford incident that caused the passing of the Superhero registration act. So far, on whose side Wolverine is on is still in question.

•In Ryker's a riot has taken place and it seems that the most dangerous of criminals are in there, ranging from the Hammerhead to Bullseye. And it seems that the blind lawyer Matt Murdock is planning an escape, with the punisher

•The one responsible for the death of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight has now been eliminated. Thanks to the New Avengers. It seems the one responsible is the same person that the X-men have encountered in their past. A mutant/alien named Xorn.

•Superman Returns earns 32 Million Dollars only on its first week. Wow, that's a lot of money! SUPER! My review coming up this week.

•Ike Harris, who considers himself an Eternal, a being of vast power and immortality, is now in the hospital being taken care of Dr. Mike Curry, who Harris believes is also an Eternal.

•In Gotham a new hero (or not) arises in the name of the Creeper. Also, the government of USA is starting up a new superhero team or quite a new roster rather of which they call, the Freedom fighters. The Former or still a JLA member, Martian Manhunter has a new look. There is a new ATOM, and the OMACs are still on the loose. Shazam has lost control of his powers and has accidentally killed um... Big Foot. And somehow, there has been rumors that the earth is being surveyed by a group of beings called... THE MONITORS.

That's all for now! Next week, more news on Peter Parker's revelation! CHOW

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